Under Beasty’s Second Single Coming in a While

A bit hurried here, but:

If you’re down with Under Beasty (and there’s no reason not to be), you can start to get excited.

(March! That’s still forever away!)

Pleasant Surprise: Party Rockets GT Finally Releasing a Single

Guess I kinda popped the whole shot in the title, huh? Well, Queens of Kawaiicore Party Rockets GT are finally getting around to releasing new music after the reboot, and that makes me happy because I’m fond of Party Rockets, GT or otherwise, and want them to keep going.

CD cover for Party Rockets GT's single Nijiiro Jet
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Fumika and Haruka are like, “We outlasted everybody else. Don’t mess with us.”

I have my concerns about the direction that the group ultimately goes in, but let’s see what comes of this. Pretty exciting!

So Did She Kill the Guy?

Take no chances when Hanako-san is around.

That’s Right: The Spunky’s Album Is Out

H/T to the invaluable Idol 2.0 for posting this news and making my brain click back on to sensibility after being very confused as to why I had a note that read only “spunk” pop up on my phone the other day.

Warning: Pop punk ahead. Continue reading

HKFC’s Got an Album Coming

Just finishing up a new profile for the site and caught this little bit of news on Himekyun Fruit Can‘s website: Continue reading

I Offer Idols Advice: A Social Media PSA

I’m going to start this post by reiterating that I am a “digital media professional,” and content strategy, social strategy, digital outreach, audience engagement, etc., among others, are all things that I do for a living.* I’m not bragging, just trying to say that I know what I’m talking about.

You may have noticed that, despite this being a website and blog that tries to be inclusive around some rather poorly defined parameters, there are favorites. Yes, some of that is because I, as the owner and administrator and content producer and marketer and and and, am going to favor certain personal favorites over things that I like less; I try to be fair, but I’m going to be drawn to some idols more than others, and I’m going to like some music more than other.

However, even including that, there’s a simple little thing that I really honestly wish I could effectively and cleanly communicate to many groups’ management, and it is this: Continue reading

Idols and Wrestling: A Potent Combination

It’s actually not at all exceptional for idols, especially alt-idols, to step into the ring as part of a show (as a bit of Googling will prove without a doubt), and there are festivals and the like that actually use a wrestling ring instead of a stage, and things like this happen sometimes … anyway, this is just to inform you that BiSH followed in their big sisters’ footsteps by doing an event with DDT wrestling.

Here, Have Some More Yami-Kawaii Terror

In light of Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da’s failure to get us all really excited with an MV to pair with their CD release, it’s time to bust out … well, not their kryptonite, per se, given that this is actually their for-real sister group, but still. Continue reading

Oh, Cool, Here’s a Preview of HATEGLEAM’s Albumlet and, uh, Something!

I’m bullish on HATEGLEAM for a number of reasons, but the one that really matters is their idol-meets-Biohazard-meets-Living Colour sound; for people under the age of 35, that’s an infusion of funkiness and a good hook colliding with angry proto-metalcore and just the nicest damn choruses. Continue reading

Bellring Girls Heart: We Hate to Release Things in a Straightforward Way!

You owe me breakfast, Bellheart. I had just finished the final-er touches on the last post about you when there you were on Twitter this morning, all “LOOK AT US AND ALL THE THINGS THAT WE CAN MAKE HAPPEN AT ONCE!” Continue reading