Your Team Homicidols Weekender #98

Hello, Fellow Kids! Supreme Nothing (Brian) here….. As you already know, Maniac took a little break from the site and left Team Homicidols with the keys! So far, we haven’t destroyed the dynasty that’s he’s spent long long, countless hours building, but hey, there’s still time left! It’s been a fun week playing houseguest, and if I might say, I’m pleased with the collaborative efforts that have gone into the last few days here. Kerrie, Papermaiden, and Daemon have been absolute all-stars through this thing and I couldn’t ask for a better gang to enjoy this labor of love with. I feel like I’m in an idol group myself, but no cheki requests please…

One thing Maniac did press upon us that the Weekender must be Weekended properly, so we’ve taken the draft he started and each added a few highlights of our own into the mix. You might even be able to tell who shared what! So ease on back with a beverage of your choice, take a moment to join in on Kerrie’s Friday Fun, peruse the good stuff we’ve included below, and then maybe cut off the computer, put the phone down, and do something personally fulfilling, which might be a kind deed, a hobby, or a nice nap, that’s okay too! Make this weekend yours! 

Now onto the Weekender, brought to you by Team Homicidols…

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BABYMETAL to Release (kinda) New Album

This was not the new album announcement we were waiting for, but it’s something, right?!

BABYMETAL will be releasing a 12″ vinyl single of Distortion internationally on Black Friday (November 23rd).   There is also a Japan Limited Edition version with a special album jacket whose pre-orders are selling out very, very fast at most online retailers so why are you still here reading this?   The album will include the studio version of the track plus a live version recorded at Download festival earlier this year.   To coincide with the announcement, they also released an official live video:

Su is still the Queen.

DEADLIFT LOLITA Are More Than Just Wrestlers

Well, well. I guess failing to interview DEADLIFT LOLITA means I’m the expert of the team now? Granted, their HYPER JAPAN live left me yearning for more campy swole goodness from the Buff Buddies, and they finally delivered a new music video today.

Gosh darn it, Ladybeard’s gone and got himself kidnapped again!

In all honesty, I prefer the more crazy Deadlift tracks like SIX PACK TWINS, as it fits their image better. But I won’t say no to a traditional Japanese/Metal fusion! And the B-Movie drama of the music video more than makes up it. I see they’re learning some new fighting styles now! I think…

This is why Maniac always does these posts.

A Brand-New Uijin For A Brand-New Day

You know, uijin is one of those idols that it feels like every time you so much as blink, suddenly there’s something new from them. So at this point, naming their latest music video “brand new” almost feels like a joke at my expense, but hey, I ain’t complaining!

From their second album, I’m happy to be who I am, out now, it hits all the checkboxes of a quality alt-idol music video. Glitch effect? Check. Shibuya Scramble? Check. A rock-solid song that’ll be stuck in my head all day? Check check! Uijin are one of those groups who I feel slight guilt towards, as I like everything they do, yet I don’t follow them very closely.  This music video and song just reminds me to look into them further!  And you guys should too!

A Friday Fun To Burn Your Retinas

Last week I asked you to pitch some imaginary idol concepts to a board of directors. If we see any of these groups debut soon, congratulations!

I was panicking a little bit just now. Past midnight on a Friday morning, I had nothing for this week’s Fun! Then I looked back on a thing I did earlier that evening that, quite frankly, caused me to be blocked my pretty much all of my mutuals.

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We Interview Idols | NECRONOMIDOL

Tis’ the season of NECROMA.  

We have been blessed of late with a bountiful harvest of offerings from the divas of darkness. In August, NECRONOMIDOL graced us with their presence at East Meets West Music Fest in Anaheim, California alongside Hanako-san, Yanakoto Sotto Mute and stalwart metal acts including the venerable Abigail Williams.  

Now in September, NECRONOMIDOL is mere days away from releasing their third full album, VOIDHYMN, on September 29th.
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Say “Hello” to the Night, and Owaranaide, Yoru

“People who like the night hate people”

This is the motto of Owaranaide, Yoru, the new project Sha-Yan asked us to look out for as she was winding up activities with Candye Syrup.

The concept of the group is to convey the conflicting feelings of young women who come to Tokyo and struggle in pursuit of their dreams: the loneliness, excitement, and nostalgia for their hometown while surrounded by the chaos of the city.

They have released the instrumental to their first song on Soundcloud:

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Toricago Continues to Rock a Very High Standard

I know, shut up, I know that I gave the keys to Team, but I feel like I’m in on a glorious secret after only a handful of people made any hay out of Toricago’s new MV. If other folks want to miss out on this kind of glory, who am I to stop them?

Also what is this aspect ratio?

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We Review Things: NaNoMoRaL is Long Overdue For a Heaping Ton of Glowing Praise…

I feel like a bit of a wrong has been committed in that NaNoMoRaL hasn’t gotten a proper write-up on this blog, but it’s most certainly not Maniac’s fault. They’ve been on the Homicidols radar nearly from the unit’s beginning, but I kinda-sorta called some claim on this group, and then sat on it far longer than they deserve. But the honest-to-goodness truth is that the reason for that is because I feel strongly that the group is so good, and it’s debut EP is so excellent, that I really wanted to think about this and get everything right instead of just blabbering like a giddy little fanboy. 

NaNoMoRaL is a duo made up of Amamiya Miku and Paseli-chan. Amamiya is remembered by a lot of us by her stage name “Natsuki” from her time in Avandoned. Natsu left that group in late 2016 and reappeared shortly after in the far-more traditional idol unit Emoquru Scoop (currently renamed EMOP), and then later still, announced she was leaving to become a solo act. But in actuality, she was working with EMOP’s producer, who happens to be Paseli-chan, and so, NaNoMoRaL was created! (Hope you’re taking notes on this.)  Continue reading


Since their inception in 2014 NECRONOMIDOL has been extremely productive, feeding their fan base six EPs, a single and two full albums.  Despite serving up new material on a regular basis, the current quintet has cultivated a fan base with a very vocal appetite for more. Underneath the striking imagery and Cthulhu mythos is a premier group of vocalists who perform tirelessly in Japan, have brought their intensely joyous brand of darkness to Europe twice and are soon returning to the United States for a third time.  

On September 29th, NECROMA will be releasing VOIDHYMN, their third full album in three years. The new ten-track offering consists of six entirely new songs and four re-recordings of previously released tracks.  

We at Homicidols were lucky enough to be offered an early listen to VOIDHYMN and will be presenting a track-by-track review in reverse order because:

  1. It’s more Satanic that way, and
  2. To first answer the key question in most everyone’s mind: “Why did they re-record ‘Skulls in the Stars’ when the Deathless version already had Himari’s vocals?”

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