Your Homicidols Weekender #366

It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the US which can mean only one thing: Homicidols’ Best of the Year awards season is right around the corner! Watch as over the next few weeks we will be rolling out nominations, voting, and, just after the new year, we will crown the best that alt, indie and underground idol had to offer in 2023.

Unfortunately, the end of the year is also the season for lots of graduations and disbandments, so be careful venturing near Oshiloss Corner this week. It’s a lot.

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We See Idols: WACK in the UK – Show Report

It has been just over a week since WACK in the UK and, yes, I’m just now getting around to hitting the “Post” button on this piece. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is DayJob® which has been crazy busy and eaten up all my time since I got back to the US, primarily because I took almost a full week off to go to the aforementioned WACK in the UK. But DayJob® pays me money that allows me do things like travel to other countries and see idols, so I must give it my attention. The other reason is that what started off as a straight-up show report kept growing and morphing into what is really at least two if not three different articles. At Papermaiden’s suggestion, I will now focus on the show itself and get this thing published before WACK in the UK 2: Electric Boogaloo has come and gone.

ASP in the UK – Historical Photo

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Your Homicidols Weekender #365

Greetings from London on this landmark edition of The Weekender! As we hit this milestone edition #365, Homicidols has now published so many Weekenders that you could read a different one each day for a full year. I’m celebrating with a dinner consisting of my very first meat bun ever (chicken curry) followed my first taste of mince pies for dessert courtesy of our very own Kerrie. I actually spent the day wandering around London with a multi-national gang of OOMFS including Team Homicidols’ Cal and Kerrie.  In another landmark, this week saw the very first time three whole members of Team were together in the same place at the same time. We are not typically allowed to be in such close proximity for reasons to do with maintaining the line of succession, but special dispensation was received due to the OTHER landmark event taking place this week: the Western debut of ASP, ExWHYz, and AiNA THE END at WACK in the UK.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #364

I’ve spent the last several days recovering and trying to catch up after a week following NEO JAPONISM around California and Las Vegas, but now find myself scrambling to finalize preparations to hop on a plane to the UK for the western debut of AiNA THE END, ASP, and ExWHYZ at WACK in the UK. These are great problems to have, but at some point I need to catch up on sleep. While I’m over in London, I am also really looking forward to meeting the members of Team Homicidols UK branch in person for the first time as well as putting faces-to-usernames of the other denizens of the Homicidols Discord Server who are also making the pilgrimage to Camden.  I haven’t visited the UK since BABYMETAL’s first show at Wembley Arena back in 2016. I found my Oyster Card from that visit. I wonder if it will still work…

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Your Homicidols Weekender #363

Greetings from Las Vegas! Between the last Weekender and this one I have been tooling around the Los Angeles metropolitan area following NEO JAPONISM  from one live to the next. It has been quite the week and I’ve been able to experience the group challenging themselves in front a diverse array of audiences: from performing in front of hundreds at the OC Japan Fair, to a crowd of about 30 at an impromptu coffee house set, to absolutely rocking the iconic Viper Room.

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