About This Site

This website is a celebration of the tremendous ass-kicking women leading the revolution in Japan’s idol culture, who we call “homicidols.” It’s a showcase for the music at the center of it all, idol-led punk and hardcore and metal and rock and all-around power.

The goal is to do more than just have a website, and more than just adding a regular blog for updates and whatnot to that website, but to have a multipurpose hub for the existing fans of what some call “idolcore” to spread the music and image of homicidols far and wide.

I’d like to see this site grow into a go-to resource for people going on the same journey that I did. I want to make it easier for them to find cool groups and buy their music and merchandise. Eventually, it would be nice to have created the basis for idolcore groups’ profitability in the Anglophone world and give those groups a reason to come to North America or Europe for events other than anime cons and cultural festivals. And it’d be cool to run into somebody else in a PassCode shirt and high-five and be all fantastic together.

If nothing else, maybe we can all become friends.