About This Site

This website was created by The Homicidol Maniac as a celebration of the tremendously innovative, ass-kicking idols of Japan’s independent and underground music scene who we call “homicidols.” Since October of 2015, it has served as a showcase for the revolutionary music at the center of it all: idol-led punk and hardcore and metal (and, later, electronica and shoegaze and progressive rock and dream pop and hip hop) and all-around, genre crushing awesomeness. In recent years, the influence of the genre has reached overseas and alternative idol units can now be found across the globe.

As the site developed and grew, Maniac attracted and engaged a collection of like-minded collaborators who evolved over the years into Team Homicidols. This small company of writers possess a diversity of eclectic tastes that span almost the entirety of the various subgenres of the alternative idol pantheon.

Since its launch, Homicidols dot com has published close to 5,000 articles covering more that 350 idol units and artists. And we aren’t finished yet, not by a long shot.

Team Homicidols consists of:

Member Name  Color Twitter
Brian aka Supreme Nothing

Soylent Green


British Sky Grey


You’ll Melt Morange!!


Twilight Dawn


Mashu White


Sayumi Pink

The Homicidol Maniac





We’re still working on costumes. Cheki available by request.

In September of 2021, Maniac decided to step back from his role as webmaster and handed operational oversight of Homicidols dot com to the current site caretaker, Daemon.

How to contact us:

Team Homicidols is active on Twitter because that’s where all the idols and artists are. Feel free to DM us there or email daemetal@gmail.com.

We also hang out on the Homicidol’s Discord Server.

Thank you for visiting! Come back often.

  • Live a life you love,
  • May your oshi be eternal,
  • And don’t take it all too seriously.

– Team Homicidols (via Love and Rockets)