Know Your BiStory #5: My Ixxx

For this entry in the Know Your BiStory series, we turn to Garry MacKenzie at the delicious Idol Is Shit and a great BiS roots song with a rather … colorful video.

… Back then this was not the sort of music that many idol groups were doing. It was something different and people were somewhat dismissive of it, mostly due to the unconventional promotional tactics employed. It’s quite incredible to think how “My Ixxx” and much of the early BiS catalog paved the way for the Alt-Idol scene as it exists today.

Read the whole thing. And now that we’ve gotten through violence, nudity, crucifixion, sex, sacrilege, body horror and pig heads, you’d think that we’re running out of big BiS moments … but we’re just getting started!

5 thoughts on “Know Your BiStory #5: My Ixxx

  1. These pieces have prompted me to do a deep dive and compare all different recordings of each song. They all have pretty different footprints, especially around the lil’ breakdown at 2:25. The single/video version from 2011 has really crunchy guitar, where the album version only has bass. The 2014 re-record has a bit of both! Pity they didn’t re-record the video in 2014 as well, va-va-voom!

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