An Absolute Ton of Billie Idle News

They do tend to make splashes when they make news, don’t they? Do you want the bad news or the mixed news or the good news first?

OK GREAT! So Yasui Yahui (their Paul, basically) is in fact done with Billie Idle. “Honorable retirement” is how Google calls it.

But this is part of the WACK family that we’re talking about; OF COURSE they already have her replacement lined up. The problem is that I can’t make heads or tails of the translated sentence excepting that she has some prior connection to Momo, so I hope somebody can give it a helpful look It’s Momo’s sister, Akira! (Thanks, Sean!). She’ll debut first in front of Idle Fellas, then at the JAMxNatalie Expo a month from now.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! And it’s only good news from here, I promise:

There’s a new album! Called bi bi bi bi bi, it’ll be their first release since the spring (and if you know Billie Idle’s history, you know that’s basically an eternity), coming on Oct. 26. They’ll follow that with a four-city national tour. I guess they’ll probably be showing off their shiny new member while doing all that new music.

4 thoughts on “An Absolute Ton of Billie Idle News

  1. While I love Bille Idle and all, and this *is* good news, I had been hoping that the relative lack of any news from them recently meant that Uika and Nozomi were going back to BiS 🙁

    • I actually prefer them in Billie Idle, but Yasui Yuuhi had become my surprise favorite so this is a huge bummer. I hope she stays in the music biz. Wherever Yasui goes, I go! If she quits music and gets a job at 7-11 then I’ll be buying tacquitos. That is, if she reappears on social media and doesn’t just vanish into obscurity.
      Her Instagram was my favorite of all time, no joke.

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