TIF Megathread

Let’s give this a whirl: As things happen at the Tokyo Idol Festival (happening now!) and news gets out — performance video, personnel changes, new members, announcements, etc. — go ahead and add it to the comments here. These idols and more will be doing all kinds of cool stuff, so I’m sure there won’t be any shortage of fun.

I moved the Fruitpochette bit into the comments; here’s some PIIIIIIIN:

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  1. Have people heard that Passcode had to withdraw from TIF? Apparently Yuna hurt her foot 🙁

    Exciting Fruitpochette news! Anyone know anything about this girl?

    • Edit: just watched a video where Yuna was there anyway ’cause she’s a frickin’ trooper. Sitting down though, which is probably sensible.

  2. Something people might find interesting, according to Some Guy on Facebook (that most reliable of sources) Rum is very good at death metal vocals an demonstrated in some of the songs at TIF yesterday. If true, this could be the start of a very exciting new era for Fruitpochette!

    • A friend told me the same. From her twitter looks like she could be cute, so I’m interested to check out this new FRUITPOCHETTE sometime.

  3. I really, really hope this is true:

    • Pretty much, exact number may be wrong. Some people kinda hate on the whole repeating songs gimmick, but their video of them doing it 3 times in a row at Smile Garden at TIF last year made me want to go check them out, and I was so disappointed when they only played each song once. Hope we get a vid of this and they do it more often!

  4. From early Friday:

  5. Idols making friends:

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          • 100% agreed the dynamic between the cleans and harshs works amazingly well, just need to get the live band back with them and there festival stage ready!

    • Thanks for the upload! Watched it twice so far. Rum’s screams are good and I enjoy them. She doesn’t appear to sing much, though, and I don’t like Zuma’s style of singing. Also, what really grates on me is their overall chirpiness/cheerfullness/cuteness, I think I was expected a more badass on-stage attitude/character from the group.

    • Thanks so much for the upload! How is Rum so good, as far as I know she’s not got any previous experience? OK, so she’s still not particularly confident on clean singing but that should improve with time, and her growls are sick. Can’t wait to hear their new album!

      I really hope they get bigger now, bring the backing band along and they could easily play ‘proper’ festivals.

    • This video feels like watching Maina becoming the best lead singer in idol in real time.

      The group as a whole is moving in this really soulful direction, and that’s fantastic.

  7. The World Standard – Tokyo Idol Festival 2016


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