Something Metal This Way Comes

I’d been seeing this going back almost two weeks now, originally thinking that it was mostly connected to Parallel‘s anniversary show: A whole lot of love between Lyric Holic, agencymates Haloperi Doll and Mugen Regina, Tsuki to Taiyou and NEXT Shoujo Jiken (and sometimes including Parallel).

What it was actually building toward is/was called Lyric Holic Revue, and from what I can gather it looks less like a revue and more like a jamboree. Look at this lineup:

I won’t bother with all of the cross-tweeting and photos and the like; that’s silly. It’s just really interesting to me that this particular collection not only got together for a show under Lyric Holic’s banner, but keep acting like permabesties. If you’ve been watching this unfold and have a better read on what’s going on, by all means, elaborate on this. I just see idols playing the same game suddenly being very cool with each other, and I wonder if something like this is cooking.

And in other Lyric Holic news, that rather ominous countdown from a little while back turned out to be related to a) apparently, the Revue; b) a bit of a rebrand to look like manga characters; c) a redesigned website; and d) a new member!

Meet Shiorin a la Mode:

This photo is a delight. Lulu doesn’t look so much different as better dressed, but Tama ditched her Wagnerian-gothic-meets-antebellum-plantation look for what can only be described as the likely fairy queen of the Sakura Gakuin girls in the Heart no Hoshi MV.

Lyric Holic - Tama Ne, Lulu Luria and Shiorin a la Mode

The first person to judge me for Sakura Gakuin gets a virtual thumb to the eye.

UPDATE: I’m deliberately underselling this because that’s a really busy post and no need to encumber it further, but A HA I finally figured it out. Lyric Holic’s full name is “Lyric Holic Revue” which okay, that’s weird, but does explain the translation. Which basically means that this assortment of performers are in some kind of agorist mutual aid association thing? I have no idea. Also don’t care, as long as they keep making music.

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  1. Checking in between Supercross heats. Somewhat disappointed Lyric Holic changed their look. We have a certain partiality to the Victorian Goth attire,very “sekushii”. We are prepared to judge you harshly if you DON’T fly the little pink SG flag at your next Babymetal attendance. FAIR WARNING

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