Something Metal This Way Comes

I’d been seeing this going back almost two weeks now, originally thinking that it was mostly connected to Parallel‘s anniversary show: A whole lot of love between Lyric Holic, agencymates Haloperi Doll and Mugen Regina, Tsuki to Taiyou and NEXT Shoujo Jiken (and sometimes including Parallel).

What it was actually building toward is/was called Lyric Holic Revue, and from what I can gather it looks less like a revue and more like a jamboree. Look at this lineup: Continue reading

I Use Analytics: Somebody’s Searching for Tsuki to Taiyou!

I mean, literally, searching on some search engine or another for Tsuki to Taiyou on this site. I am actually honored.

This would be a reward for the searcher, but it’s actually a really good song, so it’s really a reward for everybody.

I’ve only lightly touched on Tsukitai so far, but I hope they get some more stuff out there so we can enjoy even more.

Here’s their website.

Tsuki to Taiyou … Is Back?

This is what I get for taking my eye off the ball a little bit — I wasn’t under the impression that Tsuki Tai was doing anything other than existing and performing and stuff, but then I saw something over the holidays about them getting back together or something, and I made a note to follow up and finally did today, and … look at this!

I have no idea what’s happening. Continue reading