Top 10 Planck Stars Prankster Moments

With guest contributions from Ellainna.

PLANCK STARS are the name on everyone’s lips lately – they keep going viral! Twice on Tiktok thanks to Rairai stepping on a fan and Kan Nyan spitting watermelon seeds into a fan’s mouth and now, on Twitter, because of their current contest where whoever sells the most tickets to new customers gets a bike! The loser has to do porn (the members are all fine with this). Of course, we here at Homicidols love to expand to new audiences so we’re selling out: Taking advantage of the fact they’re getting clicks so we can get clicks too. As idol bloggers we have always dreamed of writing for not only idol fans, but also for the teenagers with anime profile pictures commenting “step on me mommy” and 38 year old men who still say “amazeballs” and “only in Japan” whenever any act from Japan does anything kind of off-kilter. 

But just who are Plasta? The pranksters from Planck Stars revel in doing… whatever they want! Really, they’re self described bohemian bad kid idols. Of course just saying that isn’t enough, so let us show you too! Here are our Top 10 Planck Stars Prankster Moments!

10. Rairai Leaves Mid Song, Buys a Churro

For a lot of long standing international Plasta fans, this was one of the moments that first made them go “what the fuck are this group doing” and more specifically, “what the fuck is Anal Rairai doing.” 

9. Richan Avoids Sleeping on Streets, Sleeps With a Fan

One of their various punishment games involved the winners getting to spend the night at a hotel, while the other group members had to sleep on the streets for the night. Chan Richan got out of this by calling up one of her several men.

We don’t know if they had sex but hey, once she missed a live because she fell asleep after sucking cock. We’ve all been there.

8. Management Asks Fans to Tweet Song Lyrics, Kan Nyan Has to Beep Out the Filthy Ones at TIF


Management asked fans to reply to a tweet with lines for a song, which led to the birth of their song “Ame, Ano Hi Mita Nyorozo.”  Then Kan Nyan had to manually bleep out lines like “sausage dick swaying” and “itchy cock, Anal Rairai” so they didn’t get in trouble at Tokyo Idol Festival.

Also for TIF, Rairai wrote “ANAL FUCK” on her face and was told to get rid of it because they don’t allow naughty words there. But as it turns out, she misspelt it so it was okay to keep.

It’s okay. Really.

7. Mori Shows Up Drunk, Sleeps On Stage

Poor baby. Also at a previous live, she got so drunk that she fell off the stage during “UFO UFO.

Fun fact about Mori, her full name is an entire poem in classical Japanese. That’s Miss Momoshikiya Furukinokibano Shinobunimo Naoamariaru Mukashinarikeri, if you’re nasty.

6. Members Destroy Venue Ceiling With Hammers

The people that run Akiba Colors are truly the most tolerant people on earth. Rairai also poured anal lube over the audience at the same venue.

5. Members Hold Sumo Contest Outside of a Venue, Police Get Called

Slow day for crime it seems!

4. Rairai’s Sugar Daddy Roulette 

Offer more money, get a bigger place on the wheel!

3. Group Gets a Monkey as a Member

While we do not endorse the unethical treatment of animals, this certainly was something that happened. Nihon Zaru no longer performs due to lack of dancing skill, but he is still listed as an official member. Maybe he’s the one writing all of the dick puns in the songs.

3. HELL LIVE Series

That is indeed a video of a naked, greased up man doing the “TITTIES, PUSSY, COCK, COCK” fancall to “UFO UFO” while 300 live crickets swarm around them. But how did they get to this and just what is the HELL LIVE series of lives?

Recently this year, Plasta engaged in a series of lives where the goal was to make things as hellish as possible. Hence the name. The final was a game of hide and seek where you had to be able to find the members around town to be able to actually watch them perform.

One live involved throwing ink over the fans while they ate wasabi sushi, but our personal favourite is absolutely the live crickets and nudity.

Before we reveal our #1 Planck Stars Prankster Moment, we’d like to give a shoutout to the time they performed next to a wedding. The wireless mics at the wedding venue picked up the signal from Plasta’s mics and the people at the wedding hall could vaguely hear them chanting about pussy and cock.

There’s no video footage but the fans did affirm it happened. Sorry to that couple or congratulations.

So, our number one is…

1. Their 12 Second Long Song Titled ‘A love song dedicated to love and sadness and reassurance and warmth and you and me and my dog and my cat and my grandpa and grandma in the countryside and the friends who I used to play card games with and my lover who said we would definitely spend the end of the year together and all the people who go as far as saying “Let’s get married!” to us and you who don’t say much more than “I can’t make it to the live, but do your best!” and you guys who are in it for the music and stand in the back during lives with your arms crossed and all of you who came here from the hardcore scene, so you won’t stop moshing no matter how much you are pushed and pulled by the crowd and the guys in leggings and shorts who only do the two-step and nothing else during lives and the former idols who still sell chekis for a bit of pocket change and the girls who we thought were super pure when they were idols, but the moment they returned to being normal girls they wouldn’t stop tweeting about underground boy groups and the guy in glasses who is so quiet at events even though he always has something to say on social media and the dudes with cheating hearts who immediately oshihen to idols who seem like they will date them and all of you who have been promoting us for a long time even though you don’t go to shows and all of the people who feed on underground idol scandals and just make our social media follower count go up and the influencers who start stupid fights on social media and the groups who, the moment their own group becomes popular, the management and the members change their attitude towards the smaller groups that they invite to their live shows and those guys who reject things based on their own prejudices and all of you who have told us “Let’s do this together again!” and all of you who will always love us no matter how much hate we get from the people around us and all of you who have been denying you like us but suddenly admitted you really do and Hiroyuki, who keeps arguing because he hates admitting he is wrong and you who told us to do our best at the live today and my mom who always reminds me to make sure to go to the dentist and my dad who doesn’t say much but is actually the nicest one and all of you waiting to see us all over the world’

The only lyric is “SEX!”

So that’s Planck Stars. Thank you for coming on this journey with us and if this sounds like your kind of hell, you might be able to see them in a country near you soon! Their world tour is just around the corner.

Homicidols would like to thank Richan’s overseas top fan Ellainna for agreeing to help us with this article. She’s requested at gunpoint that we tell you to all stream Richan’s solo single “REVOLUTiONiZE” and you know what, we couldn’t agree more.