Let’s Remember Some Idols: HALOPERI Doll

Welcome back, friends, to the wholly irregular and really-meant-to-fill-gaps-on-quiet-days feature known as Let’s Remember Some Idols! Today, we take a long look back to the halcyon days of 2016, when one of the most reliably loud and just as reliably unstable units in the game, HALOPERI Doll, called it quits.

This is what the world has been missing:

Clever dub

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Haloperi Doll Farewell

I have nothing wry or clever to say about this. One of my favorite metal idol outfits just … maybe wrapped it up for good, maybe will be back again (this was Gen 2, after all), who knows. But here are the members’ final messages as members:

More than anything out of this, I hope An’z is able to do what she enjoys. She’s a talented and cool person who didn’t need to go through these last few weeks. Continue reading

Life Ain’t So Sweet Now: Is This Mugen Regina Thing Finally Resolved?

For being among the most scenester of all metal idol formations, Mugen Regina has managed to keep the drama moving at a fever pitch lately.

Just in the time that I’ve been following them, they went from a quartet to a trio, re-added a fourth member (Zaki), lost their center (Megumi), had their stablemates in Haloperi Doll decide to break up, had their leader (Ayame) go on hiatus for health reasons, poached Haloperi Doll’s leader An’z to fill in for Ayame, had An’z disappear from Twitter for a day, and now: Continue reading

Hey, How’s That Reconfigured Mugen Regina Looking?

I’d honestly hate to be in Life Is Sweet Music or Luna Factory management right now; shifting sands and uncertain futures may interest some, and they have their place (like on TV), but I’d be wetting myself over every new text message that I got from one of my groups’ members right now.

The show must go on, though, and going on it is; here’s post-everything Mugen Regina from tonight’s live:

So after all of that fallout, Haloperi Doll v. 2 has about two weeks to live, and Mugen Regina is moving on without their long-time center or their long-time leader but with their sister group’s center in the leader’s position and maybe as a permanent thing now even after the real leader returns, based on this?

Actually, No, Haloperi Doll Is Done

If you look at the comments on the earlier post about Mugen Regina, there was some light speculation as to whether Haloperi Doll might not necessarily survive this little shakeup completely intact, that An’z might be stretched too thin, etc.

As it turns out, Haloperi Doll 2nd gen is in its last month:

If you read the announcement (or have Phillter read it to you, because it’s in another language), it’s basically this: Despite the forward momentum of late, Tsubaki and Cellen were both graduation-minded, and there may be some kind of issue with Tsubaki in that she may be done already and won’t be taking part in a fan activity in a couple of weeks. The whole thing wraps up on July 5. Continue reading

When Leaders Go Down, Leaders Step Up

I’m late to report on this, but here’s the deal:

Suzuki Ayame, the leader (and last original member?) of Mugen Regina is yet another idol with health issues. Rather than outright quit, though, she’s taking a break. Continue reading

Life Is Sweet Music: Haloperi Doll Not to Be Outdone

So Mugen Regina thinks they can just trot out a bunch of stuff, do they? Well, agencymates/sister group Haloperi Doll, who are adding a kind of grown-up kawaii to their thrashy sound now that v.2.0 has morphed into v.2.1 and who knows what all is going on, not only shared two full sets’ videos this afternoon, they launched their very own YouTube channel.

Of course, your friendly neighborhood Maniac was not only the first to like both of those videos, but the first subscriber to their channel. NOTICE AND REWARD ME!

Something Metal This Way Comes

I’d been seeing this going back almost two weeks now, originally thinking that it was mostly connected to Parallel‘s anniversary show: A whole lot of love between Lyric Holic, agencymates Haloperi Doll and Mugen Regina, Tsuki to Taiyou and NEXT Shoujo Jiken (and sometimes including Parallel).

What it was actually building toward is/was called Lyric Holic Revue, and from what I can gather it looks less like a revue and more like a jamboree. Look at this lineup: Continue reading

Read Ringo Kusakabe’s Farewell Letter to Haloperi Doll UPDATED Plus Cream ‘n’ Chrome

Actually, like 99 percent of you won’t, because you can’t, because it’s in Japanese! AHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh, right. Can somebody who can read Japanese help us out?

I’m sure it’s nice.

UPDATE: Phillter provides translation via comment! [I did minor touching on names–it’s an unvarnished Phillter!] Continue reading

It’s a New Thing: Haloperi Doll v. 2 on U.S. iTunes Etc.

I actually can’t recommend more that anybody interested in idol+metal who hasn’t already heard Haloperi Doll download these tracks.

I have no idea if they’re available in all of those places outside of Japan, but Phillter saw them on Amazon MP3, so that’s at least one!

Seriously, the originals sounded really good, but this set of singers is better in general, and the production is at a way higher level. Personal fave “Murder Burying Your Head in the Sand” cranks. And the whole thing is $3