Mugen Regina Found a Novel Way to Introduce Their Music

I got a genuine kick out of this, you guys. See, I’ve … look, for reasons I don’t fully understand, I feel invested in all things Mugen Regina, especially since they came back to life. I’ve kept on blast, just waiting for the moment when they put out an MV or something, because I want to revel in that moment (and then blog it to death, because blog).

This isn’t that, yet, but it’s still pretty neat:

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Mugen Regina Is Back

Here’s one that we’ve known was coming, but it’s finally real and I’m glad; fantasy/gothic idols Mugen Regina, who were disbanded at the end of last year and felt like a legitimate missed opportunity, were suddenly going to get a reboot, and that’s just aces.

Their last live was … yesterday? Two days ago? Here’s their little intro video:

Are any of these girls the trainees that were part of the project for like a week last year?

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Mugen Regina’s Coming Back

Considering that they disbanded with a big ol’ alumni+ show back in December, I don’t know why I kept notifications turned on for Mugen Regina, but I did, and this tidbit sneaked by in the wee hours:

If you follow the link, and then click on the top news bit, there’s the info: They’re re-forming with completely new members, and auditions are on the way. Continue reading

Mugen Regina Goes Gentle into That Good Night

It’s official: After their third one-man the other night, Mugen Regina, Last Idol Standing from the Life Is Sweet Music / Luna Factory family, has suspended activities, with alumni and friends in attendance for one final go with the fans:

We knew about the suspension/hiatus/death going back a while, but now Maako (after 238 shows!) is officially retiring. And so ends one of the worst possible years an agency could have, with the rebooted group falling apart and the effective face of the company going solo and the other reboot kind of withering on the vine in painful slow motion. Continue reading

At Least Mugen Regina’s Going to Go Somewhat out in Style

So just following up on Mugen Regina’s indeterminate hiatus situation, they’ve apparently decided that going gently into that good night is going to be a rager:

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Time May Be Running out on Mugen Regina

Usually, when you see tweets like this, you just up and expect the worst:

“Gee, I wonder what this news could be if it’s significant enough to warrant an actual message on the group’s actual website.” Never good! And yeah, according to that message, Mugen Regina, not all that long ago a legitimately interesting, forward-moving metal project, is officially going on hiatus. Continue reading

An End and New Beginning for Mugen Regina

After all of the drama, what was practically a fait accompli going all the way back to June is now official — Suzuki Ayame is done with Mugen Regina:

You can read the official statement from Luna Factory here, as well as Ayame’s letter (if you can Japanese). And as if to lend credence to her actually being ill (for once), she’s not even going to get a farewell event with fans:

Or, possibly, somebody burned a bridge or something. I’ve largely given up hope of ever understanding what the hell’s going on behind the scenes.

However, all of that being acknowledged, Mugen Regina is in fact moving on. Continue reading

Do Yourself a Favor and Watch This Haruno Megumi Clip

So after leaving Mugen Regina back in the spring, it was a little bit of a surprise to see that Haruno-san was actually staying musically active; I had figured that her gravure career was going to eat up most of her time. And good! The woman can sing and has a great stage presence; if her musical career can continue, even in a limited sense, that’s good for everybody.

This is not about her music, though. This is some total-idol shit.

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Mugen Regina Has a New Song & ISO New Members

The song is called “Bloody Knife” because of course it is. After the weird rope-a-dope of this morning, I could use a good stabbing.

Also, some of the most interesting choreography

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At Last, Positive Signs from Mugen Regina – Now with More!

Mugen Regina‘s had a tough run of things the last few months, losing first their (very talented) center, and then their leader (indefinitely), and then management decided that the fill-in leader from the defunct-going sister group wasn’t a good fit, and Ako and Arisa were stuck going it alone.

They’ve been performing, but it’s just not the same. Usually, what you see on their Twitter is indications of how hard they’re working:

But they’ve been talking about a new song lately, and I guess they unveiled it tonight: Continue reading