Time to Party: Pump Yourself up with Disdol

Ah, Dissenter Dolls, genuinely one of the more promising among the scores of metal-aligned idol groups, for some reason apparently phobic when it comes to creating real-deal music videos. However, they do like to have themselves filmed live, so here are two recent tastes (both are newish songs, too, IIRC) to get your blood properly boiling before you spend your Friday evening screwing around online and cleaning the house WRECKING SHIT ALL OVER TOWN.

Just added yesterday! Thanks for not telling me, YouTube!

“Mother” ain’t bad, but I think I really genuinely like “Flashback.” Maybe they should, you know, make a staged-and-produced video with it. Just a suggestion. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and adding it to the playlist.

Disdol’s kind of amazing to me. Like, I literally don’t understand a thing about their membership and am beginning to think that they’re aiming to be the first metal idol 48.

17 thoughts on “Time to Party: Pump Yourself up with Disdol

  1. Not to be the “dissenter” here(get it) or “dis” your assessment of this group, as I do like them, I take slight umbrage with your final sentence,stating, “they’re aiming to be the first metal idol 48.” I believe that slot has been filled for many years now by our Corenament Champs. Recognizing the similarities between the two, most notably, the high number of members, the sub-units within the main group, the geographical location (KJ and 48’s theaters are literally around the corner from one another in Akiba) the overall uplifting and happy nature of their songs, and the consistent branding of themselves, makes it clear to us that Kamen Joshi has far more in common with 48 than they do with say, Babymetal. Upon first hearing and seeing KJ, our initial reaction was,”wow, this is like a jacked-up version of 48.” I realize you didn’t state that Disdol “is” a metal 48, but the notion of the comparison made me cringe a bit.

    • Yeah, sorry, I sometimes forget that the constant meta-narratives running in my head aren’t doing the same with other people. This is more the “we have an ever-shifting and unpredictable membership” than “we are very large and idoly.”

      • I feel ya, so many thoughts at rapid speed far outweigh our typing skills. Wouldn’t it be great if one day we could have the capability to post comments like this in an audio/video format? No more misinterpretations or need for emojicons, you could’ve given me the stink eye in real time on that other post about purchasing merch. LoL

        • Soon Google Hangouts will be on the Google Glass embedded as a panel in our permanent Oculus Rifts, and then I can freely imagine Jaxson as the 6’10” Maori super spy that he very well may be!

  2. HaHa, it appears as phillter and myself missed the party. I see my name was mentioned, Good to know I have a presence here even in absentia. If your there phillter, and you wanna start some shit ,I will engage.

    • Shit-starting is a possibility, but I gotta hit the hay early for a full day of house sell prep tomorrow. Keep it real.

      • Though to be perfectly honest I’m really surprised by the lack of Passcode-relevant comments on both of their posts from today. I was expecting at least a minor discussion on SOMETHING related to the video or song titles.

  3. Well then, Passcode shall be our topic. Feel free to check out when needed. Passcode is my #3 band, as by order of discovery. I haven’t been following along as closely as I should.Please bring me up to speed on the new members. Are there any remaining from the xyz days?i

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