Too Young to Fall in Love (with Corrosion of Conformity)

I was literally getting ready to NOT being doing anything site-related when I started to look at the little slips of paper that I’d been keeping in my wallet. Notes, you know? Most of them were pretty straightforward — “update X, do images for Y” — no big deal. And then this cryptic message:


That paper was two weeks old. So what was I making a note about?


Oh man! Good job, Too Young to Fall in Love, Koiwosuruniwa Wakasugiru. I love a bluesy rock song tuned down to the point that it’s practically djent and has live harsh vocals by an idol in a Motorhead shirt. (That’s the part that made me think of Corrosion of Conformity.)

This dressed-up animetal, on the other hand, does not remind me at all of Corrosion of Conformity until that proto-breakdown gets all grungy and sexy up in there and then suddenly it’s a Judas Priest song.

This is how brand new they are: Their debut (which the videos come from, natch) was all of March 26 ago. Their official Twitter and YouTube seem to be the only digital points of contact, but a little bit of investigation could lead one to believe that they’re connected to Screaming Sixties.

They have fewer followers than our putative Adopt-an-Idols, PoroPoro Baroque, so give ’em a follow and wish ’em well, would ya?

Why, that may mean … naw.

4 thoughts on “Too Young to Fall in Love (with Corrosion of Conformity)

  1. Yea, they’ve been hanging around Rockmaykan for a few months handing out flyers after Guso Drop free lives, and bigger events. The owner of Rockmaykan is a big player in the music industry and seeing his venue turn from one of the bigger and more respected rock/metal venues into somewhere that houses a lot of idols must have piqued his interest. I think he had a few discussions with Daichi (who used to do a lot of his interviews and general introductions to the underground idol industry with prospective idols at Rockmaykan, I’ve seen most of PoroporoBaroque and quite a few of the other new groups members there months before there’s even a hint of there being a new group) and decided to make his own group.

    First time I saw them was at the Christmas show where they weren’t even advertised.

    Live: Guso Drop / 2& / Mugen Regina / Haloperi Doll / Mirai / DEEP GIRL / Sentimental Wink / Hoshina Fumimi / Nagino Ena / NECRONOMIDOL

    Buppan and general chaos: XYZ / Porobaro / New Dental Clinic Corporation / PINK PUNK MONKEY (Rei’s nailchip business).

    Buppan were happening during the lives, and the floor was taken up by a Christmas tree. Out came Koiwa, armed with flyers and sellotape. They were just pinning their flyers to people’s backs. I had a good laugh, then ended up covered in about 20 of them. Got a bit messy in moshpits. Spoken to them a few times, they’re nice girls. Pissed off I didn’t get to see them debut. Dunno if they’re gonna be like Rockmaykan’s house band/idols, or if they plan on going to other places.

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