Next Shoujo Jiken

Distilled DGAF.

One of the really fun things about being a Westerner plumbing the depths of the idol scene from several thousand miles away is that neat feeling of incredulity when someone or something comes along and just demands that you pay attention. That’s sort of how I feel about Next Shoujo Jiken (Next Girls Accident).

Ordinarily, a group of this recent vintage (their second anniversary is just in February 2016) with so little material released wouldn’t warrant a full profile, but Next Shoujo Jiken just has that damn something.

What’s missing is the real atmosphere of their shows. From what I’ve seen in forums and the like, they bring the damn violence and disgust to the stage. Which is very cool! I just wish I could see more of it myself. Middle fingers just aren’t quite the same, you know?

For a bit of history:

They formed in 2014. They went from a three-piece to, well, now they’re just a single member (Mai) with an occasional on-stage partner. I’m guessing that the entity (“group” doesn’t really describe a one-person thing, right?) is either poorly managed or just plain lousy at putting together a roster. Or maybe management/Mai is perfectly comfortable with the current state of things?

CD cover for Next Shoujo Jiken's "hanamizu" demo
Or she just stabs everybody who might join her?

Anyway, Mai does a lot of performing alone now. It looks like she misses having at least an-onstage partner in this video, but what Next Shoujo Jiken is known for — mayhem, vulgarity, violence — isn’t exactly lacking.

And the music! This is what I signed on for. Dirty. Gritty. I’ve seen people talk about Next Shoujo Jiken and make comparisons to Guso Drop and Lolisyn, and I guess that can be left up to a person’s own biases, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t music that makes me think of an alternate-reality version of PassCode, with highly danceable music in this case done with a mix of thrash and hair metal rather than some kind of -core.

Anyway, Next Shoujo Jiken is actually pretty fun, and I hope the project is able to continue. Unlike a number of these … entities (still getting used to that idea), management seems to have either all of their ish together or at least a decent amount of money.

What they sound like

This is idol metal. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and draw a comparison to Lolisyn, too, and also acknowledge some New Idol Order before they became nIo-Destroy and started to suck. These comparisons probably aren’t working, huh? Well, then let’s just ground it in loud, riffy traditional-esque metal in like a 1:1 proportion with idol pop. It’s cool.

You’ll like them if

You mean, if you don’t like just about everything on this site? Maybe if you think Marty Friedman made the right choice in going to Japan, or you always wanted dance music that sounded like it was written by the Hollywood Roses.

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