NEXT Shoujo Jiken Will Stab No More

I’m going to kick off Tuesday (Valentine’s Day!) with sad news for anybody who loves indies, metal, on-stage violence and merry chaos; the project known as NEXT Shoujo Jiken is wrapping up at its third-anniversary one-man* on March 20:

The group’s been Mai plus whichever of her good friends (like Yuri!) was able to join her on stage for a while, but Mai Jiken just put out an album a little while back, and I was hopeful that things could continue. Continue reading

A Look at NEXT Shoujo Jiken’s Launch Party

As we got to see the other day, NEXT Shoujo Jiken’s kind-of-long-awaited first full album, OVER THE NEXT, was released yesterday, and Mai and company held a little release party and live performance at a diskunion store in Shimokitazawa. This is just some of the action:

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We Finally Have NEXT Shoujo Jiken Album Details

After the quick minute of excitement around Maihime finally getting to release an album, things were quiet in the NEXT Shoujo Jiken world literally until all possibility of the projected October release was passed. Oops! But now we have a date, and it may as well be tomorrow:

Thursday! OVER THE NEXT will finally be upon us, bringing with it all of the sick promise of one of my favorite underground idol things. I’d say that I can’t wait, but I can. It’s three more days. Continue reading

Get Your Knives Ready: A NEXT Shoujo Jiken Album Is Coming

Jordan gets the credit for seeing this first and sharing it on the Idolmetal group, but we’re all winners here; NEXT Shoujo Jiken, mainstay of the underground and literally the most violent thing in idol, will finally release an album:

Oh man. This was pretty much the last I’d seen of Maihime outside of photos, and I was starting to give up hope. Continue reading

Let’s Start, uh, Thursday with a Bang

I sometimes feel like I’m both fortunate and lonesome when it comes to Next Shoujo Jiken, as maybe you all don’t enjoy them/her as much as I do but I still get to have music like this:

As if the art weren’t a giveaway, this is from the hanamizu EP; Maihime may not stab people on stage anymore(?), but there are reasons why she’s currently performing solo. DO THE MATH.

I do think it’s funny that one of her recent on-stage partners was the bouncing soul of Shinohara Yuri, aka Miracle Toybox. Sure. Why not?

NEXT Shoujo Jiken Has Pro-shot Live Video (of a New Song?) UPDATED

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’d kind of expected something video-y from Maihime / NEXT Shoujo Jiken soon. She’s been performing a lot recently, and I’m about 75 percent sure that I saw something about auditions for new permanent member/s to get stabbed on stage join the formerly most violent project in idol.

Still, this is really good to see. For folks who know NEXT better: New song? Or just one that I don’t know?

I also recently learned that Mai’s been performing with Shinohara Yuri as her on-stage sidekick from time to time. Yes, the Up With People! vibe of Miracle Toybox voluntarily joined a serial killer.

UPDATE: See Jul’s in the comments: A fan-cam splice of an old song, actually. OH WELL. Just glad that Mai’s still at it enough for them to want to put out any official video, period.

UPDATE 2: Witness the true face of evil:

This collaboration involves a third person. I feel that the sweet-o-meter is dangerously close to blowing.

And of course Mai would be the one to jam the dirty rag into the exhaust pipe to make sure it blows.

Something Metal This Way Comes

I’d been seeing this going back almost two weeks now, originally thinking that it was mostly connected to Parallel‘s anniversary show: A whole lot of love between Lyric Holic, agencymates Haloperi Doll and Mugen Regina, Tsuki to Taiyou and NEXT Shoujo Jiken (and sometimes including Parallel).

What it was actually building toward is/was called Lyric Holic Revue, and from what I can gather it looks less like a revue and more like a jamboree. Look at this lineup: Continue reading

You or Someone You Know Could Be the Next Member of Next Shoujo Jiken to Get Stabbed

I kid! Kind of! Next Shoujo Jiken, now down to just a single member after a tumultuous … hell, about two years, is looking for mayhem-attracted young women to come audition:

While underground idols have a tendency to be a little “try anything” about their performance style, Next Shoujo Jiken spent a nice while being a un-idol as possible, with knives and swears and stuff incorporated into the show. And as this image demonstrates, “they” (read: Mai) were rather proud of the distinction.

CD cover for Next Shoujo Jiken's "hanamizu" demo

So advance at your own risk!

Next Shoujo Jiken

Distilled DGAF.

One of the really fun things about being a Westerner plumbing the depths of the idol scene from several thousand miles away is that neat feeling of incredulity when someone or something comes along and just demands that you pay attention. That’s sort of how I feel about Next Shoujo Jiken (Next Girls Accident).

Ordinarily, a group of this recent vintage (their second anniversary is just in February 2016) with so little material released wouldn’t warrant a full profile, but Next Shoujo Jiken just has that damn something.

What’s missing is the real atmosphere of their shows. From what I’ve seen in forums and the like, they bring the damn violence and disgust to the stage. Which is very cool! I just wish I could see more of it myself. Middle fingers just aren’t quite the same, you know?

For a bit of history:

They formed in 2014. They went from a three-piece to, well, now they’re just a single member (Mai) with an occasional on-stage partner. I’m guessing that the entity (“group” doesn’t really describe a one-person thing, right?) is either poorly managed or just plain lousy at putting together a roster. Or maybe management/Mai is perfectly comfortable with the current state of things?

CD cover for Next Shoujo Jiken's "hanamizu" demo
Or she just stabs everybody who might join her?

Anyway, Mai does a lot of performing alone now. It looks like she misses having at least an-onstage partner in this video, but what Next Shoujo Jiken is known for — mayhem, vulgarity, violence — isn’t exactly lacking.

And the music! This is what I signed on for. Dirty. Gritty. I’ve seen people talk about Next Shoujo Jiken and make comparisons to Guso Drop and Lolisyn, and I guess that can be left up to a person’s own biases, but I’ll be damned if this isn’t music that makes me think of an alternate-reality version of PassCode, with highly danceable music in this case done with a mix of thrash and hair metal rather than some kind of -core.

Anyway, Next Shoujo Jiken is actually pretty fun, and I hope the project is able to continue. Unlike a number of these … entities (still getting used to that idea), management seems to have either all of their ish together or at least a decent amount of money.

What they sound like

This is idol metal. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and draw a comparison to Lolisyn, too, and also acknowledge some New Idol Order before they became nIo-Destroy and started to suck. These comparisons probably aren’t working, huh? Well, then let’s just ground it in loud, riffy traditional-esque metal in like a 1:1 proportion with idol pop. It’s cool.

You’ll like them if

You mean, if you don’t like just about everything on this site? Maybe if you think Marty Friedman made the right choice in going to Japan, or you always wanted dance music that sounded like it was written by the Hollywood Roses.

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