Is This the Beginning of Some Idolcore Unity? UPDATED

Couple of weeks late on this one, but as this post on the Guso Drop Facebook fan group points out, not only did GuDro not decide to disband following their match against Screaming Sixties, they’re actually sort of joining forces.

For fans of the genuine underground, this is definitely big news. Because of the way that the Japanese music industry is structured and because of the absurd prevalence of idols within it, there are city-based local idol scenes the way that U.S. cities have local hip-hop or (unbelievably, still) rock scenes, and this move unites two of the more well-positioned mini-agencies (agencylets?) with bases in two different cities and with two different fan groups.

GDrop had become sort of a darling of the indie set recently, and Screaming Sixties are on a nice upward trajectory, so they’re well-positioned to lead what could wind up being another good competitor not just for the big agencies, but for top-of-the-heap players in the alt game, like WACK or Alice Project.

You know GDrop and Zekkyousuru 60do. Here’s a little bit more from the stable:

Well, I know who I’m most looking forward to hearing more from.

Exciting times! If you’re privy to more info about this joining of forces, I’d love to learn more if you’re willing to share.

UPDATE: Look at how far Guso Drop has come lately. This is why they’re becoming a big deal:

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