There Will Be a New Babymetal Album After All

Kind of!

The pending existence of a Live from Wembley DVD (great show!) has been known for some time (to be released just in time for the holiday season!), but now they’re doing us all one better and putting out a CD version of the same.

Management would like for you to be very excited about this

What I do find funny about this is how strongly negative my first reaction to this was (“What do you mean, you still don’t have any interesting announcements?”), and then I kind of went through this mental checklist of Babymetal things and realized that I’ll probably buy the thing, anyway.

Yes, Amuse, you come for our money, and we’re already mid-throw by the time you get close.


4 thoughts on “There Will Be a New Babymetal Album After All

  1. Don’t forget to buy the new special edition Wembley Premier T-Shirt to wear while watching the DVD! Real thing!

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