The End of PLIC PROCK Is Nigh

I thought it might be a good idea to check in on the Path to Oblivion that PLIC PROCK has been on, and I see that the final live has been scheduled:

That’ll be nice. But man, what a letdown, and what a bizarrely poetic way for them to go out. Continue reading


PLIC PROCK’s long-awaited farewell one-man for Asumi happened the other day, but it took the media some minutes to work their way out of the Internet woodwork. I didn’t know that the Idols Formerly Known as Parallel Japan could draw so well, but this is a nice crowd:

Here’s Asumi’s final message:

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If you follow the story of Parallel / PLIC PROCK at all, you know that they’ve never had an easy time with this whole idol thing. Minus a silo explosion*, they’re basically idol’s Frank Grimes**

But on Dec. 12, they’re having themselves a one-man. That’s great! Less great is that Asumi will be withdrawing from the group at that show:

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PLICPROCK Updated a Classic of Theirs

I don’t know if it requires particularly in-depth anything, and I was tempted to find another use for the video, but those of you who might be new to this whole thing and/or haven’t had a good chance to give PLICPROCK a good chance might appreciate their release of a … actually, it’s interesting:

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PLIC PROCK Just Made a Huge, Nice Pivot

“Oh neat, a new PLIC PROCK MV!” said I yesterday as the buzz exploded through my MTs. “I can’t wait to see their next adventures through very loud idolcore with very cool and good choreography!”

Boy, was I surprised.

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I Love This New One from PLIC PROCK So Much

Man, you guys, I’m kind of mad that I’m only publishing this piece now; it deserved better. But! Here we are, it’s Monday, and this is a great way to kick-start the week.

PLIC PROCK! The idols formerly known as Parallel Japan and formerly known as Parallel 5 and often just called Parallel. About a year ago, I thought that they might have themselves a proper breakout, being that they’re a) good b) loud and c) pretty friggin’ good dancers to boot. I don’t think it ever happened, and, other than the re-brand as PLIC PROCK back at the first of the year, they’ve been quiet.

Until yesterday!

Thank you, Caleb!

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Indie Idol Wednesday Celebrates the (re)Birth of PLICPROCK

Welcome back, Artists Formerly Known as Parallel and Also Parallel Japan! We had reason to worry that you were going to be done, but you head-faked us all and re-launched as PLICPROCK and … well, as it’s being talked about in the Idolmetal group, here’s their re-debut show:

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Parallel Japan Is Dead; Say Hi to PLICPROCK

Parallel Japan’s recent warning that they were done being Parallel Japan was meant very, very literally. Sari, Yui and Asumi are no longer in a group called Parallel Japan; now they’re PLICPROCK.

The big reveal’s going to come on the 28th, when they’ll headline a live featuring WiLL (who are cool), Hirano Yuri (Miracle Toybox etc., who is very cool) and Malcolm Mask McLaren. And maybe more! But that’s a pretty good show to put together.

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The Homicidols Curse Strikes Again: The Death of Parallel

The Curse*: Is it real? Does it require that we allow a goat to attend a baseball game? Who knows! What we do know, though, is that we took a look at the ill-fated Parallel Japan just the other day, and now they’re at the very least taking a break:

Thanks, Caleb! Or, more appropriately, no thanks!

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Today’s Live Is a Nice Look at Parallel Japan

We’re fond of Parallel Japan around here, and I get to wondering sometimes what they’re up to, besides being some of the most absurdly flexible people alive:

And the answer, usually, is doing a ton of performing. They’re part of the Guso Drop family, too, and shared a stage with the Heaviest Idol in the World over the weekend. I figure, it’s Hump Day, we could all use a little kick, so here’s Parallel! Continue reading