Check out This Live One from WiLL

Man, do you guys remember that hot minute about a year ago when WiLL was one of the darling acts of the alt set based entirely on the fact that they sometimes do cool rock and electronic sounds? I do. That was a good time. I’d even link to an example, but, you know, the word “will” doesn’t search very well in an archive, and “world ill” just throws the dang directory into a tizzy.

You are not here for that! You are here for this:

I’m glad that this exists. It’s always good to stumble back over idols past, and gratifying in that moment to see that the reason you liked them is still germane.

And as far as I can tell, they just up and released this — it’s not part of any promotion for a single etc., and it has in fact been months since they did release anything. Free content from the goodness of idol’s heart!