Would You Like a Preview of PiGU’s New EP?

You should! PiGU has established themselves as nothing if not a solid good time, and like a miniature membership soap opera to boot. I’m quite literally shocked that they didn’t get even more love for one of the most twisted MVs of the year, at the very least. But heck, it’s been a tough one for Osaka’s cosplay cafe house idols — membership turmoil and the like limited their releases to a mere handful in 2017. And there’s still time to get in one more!

It’ll be out next week. If you can get it, you should buy it.

As a bonus for you, here are some videos of PiGU, temporarily reduced to being a trio:

People who dislike PiGU dislike fun, and probably also puppies.

2 thoughts on “Would You Like a Preview of PiGU’s New EP?

  1. This one’s been confusing me but what I *think* is going on here is that the album that was first pencilled in for release in December 2016 is now deemed complete and these are the fifteen tracks from it – mostly stuff we’ve seen before in one form or another but a couple that were only in since deleted MV form (“Resurrection Code/Get Out Of My Way) and a couple of genuinely new ones.

    But for some reason, they’ve decided not to do an album after all but to do a “trilogy” of mini-albums (so 5 tracks each?) all coming out December, though exactly when and in what form. I’m not sure. Shame as I really wanted a proper PiGU album with all the “hits”.

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