What’s SHiX up to?

Ah, SHiX. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but: Remember when they were like the darling of the alt set for a hot minute about a year ago? I should hot-key that sentence.

But SHiX! I always genuinely got a kick out of them, with their weird guerilla marketing tactics and definite anti-idol vibe. I count … nine total posts and other references to them since we were first introduced; here’s the most recent actual post, wherein we heard one hell of an unfinished recording.

So, to answer the question in the title:

Their first official single, apparently. Give this a gander:

Confession: SHiX is on the list of idols that I create semi-permanent placeholder posts for; every month or so, I go through the list to see if the idol/s in question is, in fact, up to anything worthwhile. I usually don’t get to say much about it, because these are incredibly chika idols who mostly just do gig after gig and only record when they need to. What an industry.

Also, look at this:

You are now updated on SHiX!