Bonus Thursday Hurtsday: Live Wagamama Rakia!

Who else out there remembers Wagamama Rakia? I do, because I was momentarily significantly excited about them last year, only to be just as let down as always.

Why can’t idols always be exactly what I want them to be?!

At any rate, Pure Idol Heart had brought them up the other day, and then Viz Major was sharing this on Facebook and I felt like, yeah, sure, let’s have a look in:

So familiar, yet so different! The members? Reconfigured! The look? Updated! The sound? Still loud! The setting? Just as dingy an idol stage as ever!

Anyway, if Rakia’s going to make some moves now that they’ve been given a little bit of a spin, that’s a good and solid thing; I like the idea that PassCode can be a legit trendsetter.