Emomomomo Taking Interesting Turns

I stand in complete solidarity with Yellow on the issue of those poofy hair things

Things got a little heated online the other day when Hissatsu Emomomomo — bizarrely, not even close to the most ridiculously named thing in idol to debut just this year — started to get out some new, important things. For instance, there’s a new (venue-only) single on the way:

What a charming, if idol-typical, little track! I hope they release that MV onto YouTube soon!

And speaking of YouTube …

Holy heck! Could– Could they maybe release that whole thing onto YouTube, please? I just want to see where it goes. It’s their yandere look!

Also, like the entire membership has turned over, hasn’t it? Is that even the same incredibly tall girl as before? All idol units of five members of more should have one member who just towers over the others. It is known.

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