XYZ Will Live Again; I Have Questions

Lee shared this in the group the other day:

Oh okay!

For those who don’t know, XYZ was a short-lived, never-really-took-off project of Daichi’s under A-minor, a little sister to Guso Drop in the way that Poroporo Baroque and later HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI were/are, one of Daichi’s initiatives that didn’t made it onto the stage. And they were actually pretty all right! But they struggled to garner much wota attention and eventually faded away.

So they’re back. Good for … them? Maybe it’s indicative of where XYZ used to be that I legitimately can’t say whether a single one of the girls in the photo is an old member, or if they’re all new members — the group’s info hasn’t updated, and still lists the old members, and that’s who’s tagged in the photo, so let’s take that as a sign.

More importantly, though, is the project coming back to life under Daichi? Hamada? Independently? And if it’s Daichi, does that mean that he’s had second thoughts about the get-out-of-idol thing? Does A-minor really seriously live again? Will various of those old projects get another chance? Tell me that the idea of seeing New Dental Clinic Corporation doesn’t excite you a little.

Whatever is the case, we’ll find out more at the re-debut or whatever in January.

Idol makes my head hurt sometimes.

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  1. They’re all old members. And yeah, they did make it to the stage, they performed a lot, just didn’t garner many fans…

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