Babymetal May Have Just Confirmed a New Album

It feels like my timing was off for a Babymetal release by the end of the year (though I get a keep-the-seat-warm strategy, too), but today’s confirmation of an appearance at Rock on the Range in May — and thereby backdoor confirmation of a U.S. tour in 2018 — combined with other stuff that we already know, is screaming out that an album is impending.

By the way, that’s some good billing! I wondered where they were starting to rank in the overall heavy milieu — coming out ahead of Asking Alexandria and Trivium and Black Veil Brides, etc., that’s pretty good, or at least good marketing. (Also, Maynard, you’re gonna be a busy dude.)

I’m disappointed for Code Orange, though

But about that album.

It’s just deduction, really, but think about it: This will be the fourth straight year with a U.S. tour of some kind or another, from solo shows in 2015 and 16 to a ton of big-time opening gigs this past year, and the two most recent years have been working with the METAL RESISTANCE sets (plus, of course); I can’t imagine that there’d be a third.

Plus, the planned announcements around Su-metal’s seitansai that are just around the corner? I wasn’t completely convinced that they’d be aiming at an album announcement there, but I definitely am now (there is always that off chance thing about some part of the group’s membership graduating, but that isn’t this).

And, while I can’t believe that I’m saying it out loud, given my recent cynicism toward the company, but I think Amuse is smart enough to realize that they need to start feeding that cow if they intend to keep milking it. At this point, coming up on two years since the last album and with a series of meh ever since, people* aren’t going to be satisfied with just a single and definitely not with a DVD of stuff they’ve already seen multiple times**.

So great! We can expect a new album in the late winter/spring! And I be it’s pretty damn good. I also bet that the touring schedule will include a ton of one-man dates, probably including cities they haven’t visited before, and a more all-out media blitz than just Colbert. Hooray for optimism!

*I mean, there are enough Babymetal fans who would be happy with a radio teleplay, but you know what I mean
**Some will!

6 thoughts on “Babymetal May Have Just Confirmed a New Album

  1. Okay, so here is some shit from a half-remembered tweet that was cryptic in the first place:

    Rumors are that BABYMETAL is doing SOMETHING in February and March.

    Any super hardcore fan here happens to know the tweet i am talking about? It cryptically predicted other stuff that happened this year… I can’t find it…

    So basically what i am saying is that this is useless information, i only mention it so i can say “Told you so!!!!” if it turns out to be true.

  2. Best thing that could happen would be Moa and Yui leaving and Su+band turned into a real band.

    (I want a Moa Solo career)

  3. I know this is a personal blog about your opinions only, but man, that is cheap clickbait even by your standards.

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