Hmm, Babymetal’s All Over Media Right Now

What you’re about to see was all just destined for the Weekender because, like, Babymetal’s cool and fun, but they’re also in this weird kind of cruise control (by big idol standards), which isn’t exactly rare for them, but here we are, almost 18 full months since Metal Resistance, and they’re basically just doing their usual load of live appearances.

I am not in this case going all conspiracy-theory (been there, done that, had fun), but the inveterate gambler in me is starting to wonder if a significant announcement isn’t on the way.

You may have seen this fun video of Head from Korn going full Kami Band during one of the two bands’ dates not long ago:

Aw, they’re metal friends! That’s cool. Old me and current me love the hell out of that! But the most shocking thing of all … well, don’t say that I didn’t warn you:

If you’re unfamiliar with Postmodern Jukebox, what’s the matter with you? you really should be, because it’s one of the most enjoyably joyful projects in music, all throwback musical anachronisms that often manages to improve on the originals. I love me some Babymetal, and I love me some PMJ, so this was like a match made in heaven.

Anyway, something that I always want to interject on Babymetal Reddit but always refrain from doing because that place is a shark tank is that almost everything that you see Babymetal do, or people do with Babymetal, is driven by Amuse/Koba. Like, I wish the online fans’ effort to petition Babymetal onto Saturday Night Live well, but the fact is that it’s not happening unless Amuse or Sony or whoever wants it to, which is to say not without a lot of money changing hands.

Anyway again! What I’m getting at is, this is a lot of stuff happening in the media suddenly (don’t forget about that anime theme), and the big Fox Festival shows … look, they let us down at Black Night, yes, but it’s not too late to announce something big for the holiday season.

3 thoughts on “Hmm, Babymetal’s All Over Media Right Now

  1. You say Sony but didn’t some exec at Amuse say that they were looking into a new label for BABYMETAL in the US?

    That’s probably the most interesting thing to speculate and conspiracy theorize about at this point…

    • So i, uh, got curious what people were saying and went looking for speculation and conspiracy theories about this. ;P

      Roadrunner and other Warner Music Group labels seemed to come up more than others, people thinking the connection BABYMETAL has to Warner Bros. through the animated thing and the “Unikitty” theme song made this more likely than others.

      This seemed to make sense to me too… Until i looked it up and realized that Warner Music Group was sold off and spun off into an independent thing.
      I still think those make a lot of sense(especially Roadrunner) but it’s not as much of a homerun as one might think at first glance.

      • I’m trying to get my head around Babymetal on Roadrunner. Enjoying it, too. Considering who BM’s been rubbing shoulders with — Korn, Stone Sour, kinda-sorta Trivium — I can actually see it happening.

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