May This Lift Wagamama Rakia to Real-deal Prominence

Oh heck yeah! It had been so long since Wagamama Rakia was legitimately on my radar that the last reference to them I’d seen was a not-recent Facebook post to year-old video of theirs. I knew they were around because the members are hilariously busy on Twitter, but whether they were ever actually up to much of anything, I legitimately didn’t know. And then today, exploding out of the fandom woodwork, came what must be their first MV in like … a really long time. Which would make sense, seeing as how it’s their second single. I had to think about that. It’s been a long time!

That’s solid work

They also uploaded a bunch of pro-cut live video from their one-man:

I remember previously describing them in terms of PassCode, but this bears only the vaguest of similarities (besides being loud, of course). I mean, “Days” is a hell of a tune, busting out moves from all over the idolscape. That’s well done. These other tracks are nice, too — if only it had been easier to follow this group over the last many, many months, but membership turnover and the like can hold down an otherwise solid unit. I hope they can leverage this opportunity to take a step closer to the limelight.