You’ll Have to Put up with My Takes on Up Up Girls Material Today

Kerrie, our wonderful weeaboo witch, had her computer crap out on her, so she begged off of doing her job as official Hello! Project correspondent and also WACK Meme Lord for and instead asked that I do something with this new MV from Up Up Girls. I told her that she was more than able to continue to post from her phone, which she refused to do. I then threatened to withhold her pay, only to realize that contributors to get paid in respect and bubblegum, so my threats were well and truly impotent. You’re stuck with me!

Good morning, friendly people who might still believe that I am Kerrie! Last week, in addition to the wrestling thing, there was also a solidly great new release from Up Up Girls. It was actually a B-side of their new single. Per Kerrie’s request and because it makes sense, here is the A!

And now the part wherein I pretend to actually know what I’m talking about:

Say, those Up Up Girls sure do can put out a nice J-pop tune sometimes that is not a rock song! I esparticularly liked how the lyrics were on the screen and even sometimes both English and Japanese or English and English at the same time! I enjoyed them singing inside that giant girl’s head! It made me think of Mulan except in reverse and partly because I know a person who karaoked that song that one time.

Kerrie, please help, I don’t know how to do these things

Why do you think they call it the Hello! Project anyhow? Is it because everybody is always surprised? And are they called the Up Up Girls because they were also woken up by Maniac Sr.’s obnoxious sing-songy “up up up!” all through their youth? That would make sense.

Get me out of here! Stepping too deeply into Kerritory broke my brain!