Kiminosei Finally Gives Us Two More Videos, Goes Very Dark Very Fast

Usually, when you see tweets like this, it’s time to get hype:

Just a few minutes ago, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, who’d managed to release an entire album and a single within just a few months of each other without giving us so much as a shred of new video since last summer’s door-blowing-off “ShitEnd | Placebo,” let us know that they are officially done with fucking around by releasing MVs for both tracks from “Untitled Choir.”

First, here’s the title track:

Patience with reward you; love and empathy will kill you. Happy Friday!

It’s hard to have a signature sound when you’re treading a lot of the same ground as the’s of the world, but Kiminosei manages to get this serious foreboding into what would otherwise be bright, cheery A-pop. Here it starts with the drums, then builds along with the usual chiptune sugar rush until things take a serious turn and those hardcore chugs step up. It’s not a long moment, but it’s so good emotionally. It’s true: Let the others doing yami-kawaii focus on the moody, alt-poppy music; if you’re Kiminosei, you build and torture and release energy. Love.

This B-side, though:

If you love yourself, you’ll watch to the end. Welcome to being everybody’s favorite member, Gomochi!

I’m not even going to try to make sense of a title that Google just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ at; it’s “うぇゆうぇゆうぉっ〜ヒネクレノタリ〜.”

This is the Kiminosei that we always thought we were getting, genuine Akihabara idolcore. I want to meet the person who handles their percussion, because it’s awesome. This is … how do you make pop music violent like this? It’s so full of menace from start to finish, and almost sexually teases that breakdown-that-never-quite-makes-it before rounding its theme back toward the ending. The visuals work so well with it that I want to assign it to the guy I used to know who directed hip-hop videos and had few ideas beyond “rapper and women in hot tub and/or car.”

And if you thought depression and cannibalism were dark things to depict in a video, I think Kiminosei just decided to up the ante. Though not thematically all that different, it goes in a much more nihilistic direction than “KARATE,” for instance, and is actually significantly more violent in its depiction of emotions than “DEADMAN.”

Sweet mother of cheeses. I hope Zenbukimi never, ever stops doing this.

UPDATE: The Song with the Untranslatable Title has been added to the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist. In fact, added to the position that I always consider the beginning of the finale. So that’s neat.

13 thoughts on “Kiminosei Finally Gives Us Two More Videos, Goes Very Dark Very Fast

  1. Disappointed. Wasn’t like those other songs I checked out the other day. First song sounds like a usual anime theme song. First listen to the 2nd isn’t the kindof thing I like, but maybe I should listen again.

      • Of course, but you said percussion. The only percussion occurring in the production cycle was Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. If you would’ve said “I want to meet the person who drag & drops all the samples into the timeline”, I wouldn’t have felt the need to poke you with my handcrafted Maori tribesman pointed spear. Poke…..Poke……..Wink Wink…….Nudge Nudge.

  2. The second title is something along the lines of “Ooo-eh-yuu-eh-yuu-oh Rebellious Undulation” (title kinda makes me think of System of a Down’s “I-E-A-I-A-I-O”, with those nonsense sounds).

    TBH that first song is a little forgettable to me after first listen, although watching the video along with it really does give a sharp dark twist near the end. But that B-side video…jeebus h. christoffani. That video is NOT comfortable to watch…for many of the same reasons as Deep Girl’s “I Kill” video, but the song itself is seductive violence incarnate. It’s a madman’s journey on a twisted path to the heart of a dark soul.

    But for real, it’s awesome, and the Zenbu that we’ve all come to know and love-fear. Totally adding this to my MV list.

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  4. I know this post is pretty old…but I wanted to reiterate how fucking incredible that B-Side video is. That is all.

  5. Just letting you know I successfully translated the B-Side song into “When You When You Want ~Hinekurenotari~”

    • Ya know, I was reading that title the other day and tried to see if I could just say it and have English words spring out, but never quite caught on to anything while reading…Think I had the spaces in the wrong place. Thanks for the hint!

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