SHiX Wants You to Hear This Song So Badly, They Didn’t Even Finish Mixing It

So SHiX, who literally just came up the other day kind of randomly even though I was glad to do it, are putting all of those new members to work already. No, not just stage-idol-buppan stuff, but recording music! And then, possibly because whoever’s running SHiX has a good sense of humor, putting that music online while still in the midst of the production process:

“RoughMIX” is right!

Maybe the actual best part for me is the reminder that idols, despite often being involved in interesting music and often being very good at being the performers/personalities that they’re (poorly) paid to be, also often cannot sing to save their lives. What a standard!

Anyway, the song: It sounds an awful lot like the previous stuff of theirs that we’ve heard, but like if whoever wrote it had just spent a bunch of time listening to syva’s compositions for Zenkimi and NSLE and decided that the chorus needed more sing-songiness but also no harsh vocals anywhere.

I think I’d like to hear the final version, basically.

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One thought on “SHiX Wants You to Hear This Song So Badly, They Didn’t Even Finish Mixing It

  1. I really liked that, much to my surprise, and it’s because of the production rather than in spite of it. I’d love to hear a whole album like this but I’m afraid it will all get polished up for any proper release and lose what makes it stand out.

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