Drugs Are Bad But Also Good, Kids: Meet ShiX

I may as well eventually get around to clearing out the ol’ backlog of drafts, no? For instance! A few weeks ago now, up popped in the Idolmetal group a new duo going by ShiX (Twitter). The insistence that this be addressed was followed up by Pure Idol Heart very shortly thereafter:

And I sat on it! I McKayla Maroney’ed it! Why?

You’d think this kind of dark popcore would be right up my alley, but I was unmoved until I decided to … well, clean out the backlog a little bit. But I don’t like to do things completely haphazardly (stop laughing), so I gave them more of a listen and, you know what? I’m okay with this.

But even more this!

I have absolutely no idea what’s happening here; guess you can’t win ’em all

Their whole thing is that they’re girls attacked by the disease … of music. I cannot and will not argue with that. I often feel similarly about idols in general!

Anyway, they just debuted the other day, and idol’s a tough slog. Go give ’em a follow and say hi.

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