Metal Matsuri Is Bringing the Heavies

Like having two different sets of relatives to visit on Christmas, many of us who have been drawn to the harder side of idol now find ourselves with established relationships to two very different worlds. While we have current obligations to chika idol, we still have strong affections for our original punk and metal families and are compelled to visit on a regular basis.

Our friends at ORIONlive, who in 2018 brought us NECRONOMIDOL, 2& and the Screaming60s in the Black Winds Over Albion Tour, must have been feeling a similar obligation when they decided to blow the roof off of 2019 early.

That’s Mary’s Blood. Headlining in the U.K. Mary’s freaking Blood. If you don’t know them, you need to.

They go straight to the source for their influences, reaching back before hairspray and makeup was as integral as the metal, and channel Priest and Maiden directly.  Their colossal presence will be joined by Unlucky Morpheus, Rie a.k.a Suzaku and several other TBA metal heavyweights from Japan for a two day festival in October.

While just thinking about this event several months in the future is enough to get my heart rate up, it is also exciting to see ORIONlive tackle a project this ambitious. What it foretells for future opportunities to see the heavier side of Japanese music and idol in the U.K. should excite the whole of that corner of the world.

One thought on “Metal Matsuri Is Bringing the Heavies

  1. Wow. That’s going to be the show of the decade for kawaii metal, and it’s right smack in the middle of my biggest event of the year.
    Now crossing everything for a similar show in New York City or Los Angeles.

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