I Want to Be in a Q’ulle Dance Video

Note: I do not dance well

Yes, friends, it’s time for the quarterly revisiting of things Q’ulle, which I am relieved to say has not yet been obviated by Yuzuki’s solo spelunk into extreme metal. When we last left our heroes, they were riding their own kind of Avex-era high, doing theme music for what looks like a very 90s kind of TV show. A few months later, their first digital (Avex) single is releasing …

… and there’s the ever-essential, uniquely Q’ulle package of video products to promote it.

Like, for instance, the MV that immediately metas its way into its own making-of feature:

Or the now-obligatory members-led dance tutorial, if you were so inclined as to learn:

There’s no better way to step into the summer months than Q’ulle doing group choreography for hyper-upbeat songs.