Here’s a Clip from Q’ulle’s New Album

Ah, Q’ulle, the dance-troupe-turned-full-blown-idols-with-a-metal-vocalist-among-their-ranks, source of almost boundless fun and remarkably consistent quality going back … holy crap, a pretty long-ass time at this point, and without a single graduation (despite broken bones, even!). Good on them.

While many an idol struggles upon being taken into the deeply exploitative embrace of Avex, Q’ulle’s one of the projects that’s managed to keep churning. Sure, it’s not at the same dizzying rate as they had pre-major debut, but one could say that about just about any idol thing, even the ones that don’t make the majors. What Q’ulle has done in their almost two years with the company is do idorock about as well as anybody can, across a strong series of releases, and now they’re ready for their second major album, due out Jan. 16. “One Way Dream” here is from that!

Of course we’re probably only about a week away from a full-blown MV to promote the release, so this little snip will be rendered moot by what I hope is the kind of muscle-flexing hard pop rock that Q’ulle specializes in. Will this do in the meantime? It certainly will!