YUZUKINGDOM Is Still Going, Still Loud

Did I mention that I’m like running out the door? Ha, meta, I wrote this before I wrote that thing in the Weekender, and then came back and added it to the continuity for laughs and deleted the old intro! But I am not laughing at this new one from YUZUKINGDOM despite the fact that Yuzuki’s vocals seem to have the power to rip the very notion of continuity out of reality and turn it into a smoldering pile of viscera!


Everything about this is sick, though. What’s it for? A tour promo. What’s the tour? PLAY BACKWARDS:

I love callbacks to infamous moments in metal history! I wonder what kinds of subliminal messages I’ll be treated to if I take their suggestion!

Here are lyrics:

Here is a photo of Yuzuki looking all metal and stuff:

And here is what she usually looks like, in her Q’ulle guise:

Idol can be a bit much sometimes, but it is full of delightful people. Yuzuki really has created one of the most interesting things in the biz.