Your Homicidols Weekender #111

Happy Saturday, friends! Has everybody had a good wintertime holiday season? We’re dang near through it all, and New Year’s Eve looms large at Maniac Mansion this year — much revelry is expected. I thought maybe I’d managed to dodge those bullets by hosting some friends last weekend and going all out on the Christmas traditionals, but I guess some people just like to keep those expectations high.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is basically my favorite time of the year. It helps that my cultural background is well-steeped in the terror and romance of winter, so this whole harvest-turns-to-solstice-to-newness thing, it’s like happy breathing. And you get to eat lots of gingerbread and roast lots of meat and drink lots of spirits! Could be worse. It’s also usually a pretty good time of year for idol, as late-year releases line up with the second big festival season for a good couple of months of action, which is to say nothing of all the new year’s events and the sublimity of Idol Christmas. All is merry and bright indeed! Yeah, it’s a good time of year.

Is this a great Weekender, though? It’s not a bad one! I wish there were more in it, but, like, basically three days were lost to the holiday rotation, and then I lost track of the things that I was trying to hold in reserve, like a jerk. Let’s also be honest here: When you Weekender, do you ever spend time with everything? I barely do!

So play the Fun, tour around in here a little, and then do whatever it is that people do in the holiday off-weekend. Buy party hats and cheap champagne, I’m guessing? Fantastic.

How Dare You Insult the Honor of Korbel!

Could there be any better way of reimagining old-school prog rock than by xoxo EXTREME?

New single and label for PIIIIIIIN:

Thanks to @ghi2000, here’s that same Christmas tune that Lui did, but by Shiori!

It feels like it’s been a while since we last looked in on CY8ER:

I never get to share them enough, so here’s recent live Wonder Lander:

The greatest gift of all, a NEMLESS cover of “psychopomp”:

And in that same spirit, why not Okaki up to the same tricks?

Here’s BiSH from the latest massive tour final, also massive:

There just isn’t enough APOKALIPPPS in this world:

BiS.LEAGUE is so stupid:

My favorite Devil ANTHEM song:

ASTROMATE’s got goals, hence this little video:

Did you hear the new one from Queens?

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is GANG PARADE, who released a who mess of stuff from their new album (in addition to that MV) on Soundcloud, but I kept waiting to post about because it was going to be a collection, and here we are:

Words of inspiration, fron Non!

Please enjoy this album trailer:

My girl Ritsuka, formerly of &Crazy, is still going solo but now doing it as Ricca, and was just in Malaysia?

Idol farewells, like this one from elfloat, are always so bittersweet:

I saw the length of this REGiNA KiSS stream and immediately backed away:

If you’d like for Minna no Kodomo-chan to visit your town, reply to this tweet!

Because there’s apparently no shortage of ways to bring up 3776 anymore, here’s … a studio live? I dunno:


Have a great weekend!