Prepare Yourselves, UK: There’s Idols Coming to Town

The good folks at ORIONlive UK have been busy! Hot off the heels of announcing Metal Matsuri, they’re dipping into the idol well again from last year’s (what I gather must have been quite) successful Black Winds Over Albion tour and bringing 2& back to English shores, and this time with a couple of other (deeply disturbing!) friends:

Good. Lord.

Saki’s return is of course exciting — the pint-sized creative sparkplug was a joy on her last time through — and may all the gods help the good people of the United Kingdom who aren’t yet acquainted with Hanako-san and her GG Allin-meets-Gallagher approach to performance. Even on top of that, though … GARUDA! Yes, this tour involves the world’s only documented industrial idol and plague mask enthusiast. For real, those of you who happen upon this post in the search for info after seeing this announcement elsewhere: I cannot possibly stress enough how bloody cool this coagulation of talent and noise and fun this going to be for you. I hope they all do a song together!

I’m jealous of the UK. I’m very jealous of Kerrie, to whose now-well-experienced availability we turn our eyes to perform the requisite sit-downs. I’m also jealous of all three idols because they get to spend time hanging out together and exploring new (well, for two of them) things. And of course, jealous of ORIONlive for being able to put together this very good and cool tour.

Stay tuned for tickets and other info!

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  1. Really interested in going to the Manchester show, not seen any of the artists but will listen to what’s on offer. Good opportunity to meet some idol fans!

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