Kerrie Is Thankful for Up Up Girls Pro-Wrestling

You know, for someone who is supposed to be the official Up Up Girls correspondent for this here site, Up Up Girls news sure does slip under the net for me. Or perhaps wrestling ring in this case.

You might recall a while back that rock-hard-abs-and-edm idols Up Up Girls were recruiting pro-wrestlers to join their ranks and some time ago the winners were finally announced.

L-R: Miu (Twitter), Hinano (Twitter), Hikari (Twitter) and Raku (Twitter)

Their official debut will take place on January 4, but there will be some kind of “Protest Of Destiny” a month prior? Dangit Google Translate. Is this some kind of wrestling term I’m missing out on? UPDATE: So apparently “Protest” in this context is simply an abbreviation of “Professional Testing” so it looks like the girls’  fighting abilities will be put to the test, possibly via a contest of who can punch a Kari’s rock-hard abs without breaking their knuckles I’m guessing. Big thanks to Saki in the comments for the pro-tip!

Like Up Up Girls (2) (I think) it seems that they’ll be a separate group to Kari who’ll sometimes work alongside each other like a terrifying team of super-buff Japanese girls whose only real reasoning for being Homicidols regulars is that there’s the threat of Maniac being suplexed if he doesn’t allow it (truthfully, by writing these articles, I am saving his ass). I can only assume this is going to eventually develop into one big idol umbrella a la their affiliates Hello! Project? I can’t wait for the shuffle units.

2! 2 wrestling idol units! AH! AH! AH!

3 thoughts on “Kerrie Is Thankful for Up Up Girls Pro-Wrestling

  1. In Japanese, プロテスト is NOT “protest” that means objection. It is an abbreviated form of professional-testing.
    Perhaps they are still amateurs and there will be a test to be a professional wrestler on December 4th.

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