Now It’s Broken By The Scream’s Turn to Come Stateside

Prepare your ears, your families, your adult diapers, your pets and your very ability to exist on this plane of existence, friends. Yes, let’s not bury the lede — idol scream queens Broken By The Scream are coming to the USA, they’re not coming alone, and it’s gonna be awesome.

The venue? Saboten Con, who hosted Candye Syrup and Senanan last year, and this year will be bringing BBTS and visual kei band THE SOUND BEE HD to Phoenix, Aug. 30-Sept. 2, 2019, at the Grand Sheraton. Doing the honors will be Chaotic Harmony, friendly importers extraordinaire.

Are you hype? You should be hype. I want to have the flesh blasted from my bones by Io, then mocked relentlessly by Kagura’s demon routine, and then have a little dance-off with Ayame and Yae, which sounds impossible as I would be dead should the above come to pass, but come on, if you don’t get hyperbole I can’t help you.

Because I follow VK about as closely as I follow competitive e-sports, here’s a little primer for you, straight from the presser:

THE SOUND BEE HD was formed by DaISUKE DARK SIDE, formerly of media youth. They are a type of “one and only” band that is different from typical visual kei, due not only to the formation of their members but also their unique sound and stage performance.

After joining Starwave Records, they released music featuring the concert of “JAPANESE GOTH” which was titled “Hachi,” “Doku,” “Hana,” and “A-De.” In October of 2014, the guitarist of lix, Yuu, joined the band. With the release of the new albums “DAWN OF THE DEAD”, “BLooD RaiN”, “WALKING DEAD”, “ENDLESS DEAD”, and “DEAD SILENCE”, their world became even heavier. The appeal of their music is the occasional ballad songs which impress people hearing THE SOUND BEE HD’s music for the first time and their sad melodies with aggressive and heavy sounds.

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It’s a long way off, but man, this is gonna be dope.