Homicidol Maniac, seated at his desk, is holding a cell phone to his ear. His face is UNPLEASANT; A loud SCREAMING sound is audible through the phone.

MANIAC: Kerrie. Kerrie! Calm down.

The screaming dissipates.

MANIAC: Tell me what’s the matter.


Yes, friends, that’s the approximate reaction this morning to the news that NECRONOMIDOL’s upcoming UK tour is bringing 2& and the Screaming Fucking Sixties along for the ride.

The best part? Try beating these ticket prices:

Heaven help us all. Yes, Necroma’s headlining (and bringing the band!), but getting Saki and the literal James Browns of idol takes something already set to 11 to, like, 14. It’s gonna be intense!

Also, while I had a little bit of liquid inspiration last night, I was telling people that I want fans to get & tattoos in honor of 2&, like this promotion; maybe just write the thing in marker on your arm and get your cheki that way or something. And start doing your squats and sit-ups now, as Kai and Montero aren’t going to take it easy on anybody, let alone gaijin scum.

I wonder what Oshi thinks of all of this …

One thought on “And They Called It &ZEKKYOUNOMIDOL

  1. I’m not invested in any of this acts, but I have to echo how fucking ridiculous those ticket prices are.

    Toe and Mono both, while having dramatically larger “underground” success and dramatically less “commercial” success, both had higher ticket prices than that.

    That’s ludicrous.

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