The Friday Fun Where It Pays to Know the Future

How was your Christmas (if you celebrate it)? Did you have a fun time? Did you get everything that you wished for last week?

What a month! This is the final Fun of the Holiday Extravaganza, as well as the final Fun of 2018! And you know what that means. Time to bring back an old favourite! But first, let’s look back at some of last year’s predictions. How many #2018IdolPredictions came true?

We were so close to the WACK thing, guys. So close …

I always look forward to the prediction Funs. It’s something that everybody seems to get on board with, from alt-idol fans to fans of traditional idols. In a way, it’s like one big New Year’s Eve event, where we all get together, no matter what background, and celebrate and have fun as we see in the new year. It would be beautiful if y’all weren’t using this hashtag to shitpost, but then again, what’s a Friday Fun without shitposts?

Tweet your idol predictions for 2019 with #2019IdolPredictions. Happy new year from all of us at Homicidols! Let’s hope its a great one (with much fewer oshi graduations on my end).