Is This SPARK SPEAKER’s Moment?

Do you want to know why the Weekender was late, other than because somebody needed to have breakfast made on account of a little too much carousing last night? It’s because I wanted to add a SPARK SPEAKER note but this was right there in the feed and I needed to get my stuff together enough to watch it multiple times and think of a post to blog!

Anyway, listen, this is very cool and good for the former DINOSAUR BRAIN: Following on the release of THE WORLD IS MINE, the song from it called “REALTA” got picked up as the end theme of a TV show for January, and while this is a really awkwardly grammared sentence it must yet be added that “REALTA” was also given the MV treatment because that makes a ton of sense to do in that situation.

TV show! Theme! MV! Here!

Well one, good golly that’s a nice song. After that hot minute when it seemed like SPARK SPEAKER might be headed toward metalcore or something, to have them drift back to the comfortable confines of their core sound and couple it with stuff that’s even more crowd-pleasing, that’s a high-five waiting to happen. I love the horns added for basically no reason, and how the vocals provide the entire hook on top of that rollicking percussion. If all pop punk ballads were this earnest and not, like, how most pop punk ballads sound, the world would be a better place.

So pair up a song that only big stupid jerks won’t like with a fixed TV role and a new album … are our favorite street live-loving idols about to become a bigger conversation piece? I can’t think of anybody more deserving, honestly (even though they didn’t come up in the Best Of season, that doesn’t mean that I can’t amend the original include them in the 2019 preview!). They’re like a chika gateway drug that just so happens to be really awesome because all of their best friends are also awesome.

Let’s see where 2019 leads!

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  1. Hmm I actually dig this. Hadn’t heard of them before. I looked them up on Spotify and it looks like they uploaded two albums and an EP back on Dec. 5th of this year. I guess I’ll give their discography a listen.

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