You Can Listen to and Acquire the New WILL-O’ Single

To be filed under “Gee Thanks, Guys!”: WILL-O’, who you may remember as Alloy but who definitely stand out on their own now several months into the new incarnation, have a new single, “Jump!”, available for purchase and streaming on like all of the platforms, so this is your chance:

As with the last dedicated WILL-O’ post, this one is short on content but long on imperative. If you’re a veteran of this whole loudol thing, upon listening, you may find yourself recalling the dearly departed petit pas!, of whom WILL-O’ is a literal direct descendant, and you would be right to do so, as the only differences between this song and the original are:

  • The vocalists
  • The arrangement and mix, somewhat
  • The number of !s in the title

And that’s it! I think it’s good that they called up a pretty great song from a pretty great loudol era of what could have been one of the greatest projects in the whole history of the scene if not for terrible, terrible circumstance. It tells me that WILL-O’ should and wants to be taken seriously, and that they want people to draw that association with Kokoro’s group.

Plus, it could not possibly be easier to decide for yourself whether you’re down with it!