Taking Inappropriate to New Heights with the Friday Fun

That’s right, it’s Friday again! How are you all doing after last week’s Fyredol Festival?

This is exactly why Homicidols.com will never have its own music festival, just so you know.

The other day, I was browsing SoraNews 24 and saw something that reminded me of my new favourite subjects of mockery, THE BANANA MONKEYS, that surprisingly wasn’t SoraNew’s actual article about THE BANANA MONKEYS.

Raise your hands; who else saw this and thought “If Banamon somehow became big enough to start getting brand deals while still keeping their apparent concept of cringe, this is exactly the kind of thing they’d advertise” and then die a little inside because seeing anything related to Banamon just sort of does that to you?

Which led me thinking; normally, I don’t think we really think too hard about idol promotions. Not in the alt fandom anyway. Sure, we have BiSH’s gazillion advertising deals, but lets be real, we don’t really think much of them any more. Some of them, like the gummy election, were pretty fun, but when was the last time you really thought about the idea of idols in advertising? Or specifically, when was the last time you thought about the things that idols absolutely shouldn’t be promoting? Remember Kamen Joshi’s sweat chicken? That level of “do not want” marketing.

So, there’s this week’s hashtag for you. What’s something a specific idol absolutely should not promote, no matter how much they’re paid or promoted? This week’s hashtag is #ThingsIdolsShouldntAdvertise, and did anyone actually eat that Kamen Joshi foot chicken?