All Good Things Explode: BURST GIRL Announce Dissolution

In the latest episode of “COVID Ruins Everything”, BURST GIRL’s international debut has been postponed to never.  The strongest and most crazy punk idols have unexpectedly announced that they will be disbanding two weeks from now on the third of October. While three years and eight months is not a bad run for a fully self-produced, self-managed idol unit, for many of us (and the world at large), the end is coming far too soon.

Like many of you, we eagerly jumped on the BURST GIRL bandwagon from the moment of their creation having known Boss Rei, Miyako, Rinchama and Yurapico from the legendary indie-punk unit and Heaviest Idol in The World, Guso Drop.  When manager and producer Daichi-san announced Gudro’s disbandment because he couldn’t figure out how to make money with the group, the four idols must have decided they could do a better job than that, and took things into their own hands.  Continue reading

Your Homicidols Weekender #252

It’s been a packed week for me with work and school and fancy idol blogging. Our visionary founder is still off on his honeymoon and Team is starting to realize that, between the six of us, we can almost do the work of one Maniac.

In addition to working on refreshing some of the static content around the site, we have started the planning for the annual Best of the Year competition. We are up to 179 potential candidates for Best Single alone, so things might get a bit nuts . I can’t wait!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #251

Welcome to week two of the Dae Era of Homicidols. So far I’ve managed to do a little maintenance on the navigation menus and updated the About page.  Nothing too exciting, but it’s all about progress not perfection, right? The highlight of my short tenure in the captain’s chair by far has been when, for the first time ever, Pour Lui liked one of my tweets. Now I’m worried that I may have peaked too soon. My apologies if it’s all downhill from here.

Many other things happened this week in idol (both good and bad). Here’s some of it:

Juju made a very excellent video and you should watch it.

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Owaranaide, Yoru: the Neverending Night is Breaking with “Momentary Light”

Although Owaranaide, Yoru is ending their current system in less than two weeks, the nocturnal foursome are embellishing their legacy with the release of a new song and MV, “Momentary Light”.  

UPDATE:  Perhaps “Momentary Night” was indeed momentary? The MV now seems to have been made private. 

UPDATE 2: It’s public again!

The song and MV were produced as the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign from earlier in the year.  Owa Yoru have consistently operated on the high end of production and performance values, and “Momentary Light” provides an appropriately dark and opulent bookend to the tenure of the current lineup.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #250

We have reached an auspicious milestone: Weekender #250 which shall also serves as my very first as el jefe de Homicidols. “250” is such a nice round number, it almost seems like a considerable amount of foresight and strategic planning went into the Homicidols handover, so let’s pretend like that’s exactly how we operate around here. I have been meaning to post a more formal message regarding the soft site takeover, but it turned out to be a horrible week for finding time to put together thoughtful messages about the future of the website, especially when the overall plan is for things to work a lot like they have in the past.  Those of us in the US have a three-day weekend ahead of us, so I am looking forward to catching up on a few things around here. In the meantime, the idol world keeps spinning.

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No One is Doing it Better than PIGGS

Following a surprise one-man live where they announced a surprise new member, PIGGS dropped a surprise MV for their new song, “NAKED BORN NAKED DIE”.

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BiSH Runs a Race. Beats COVID

It was a big Tuesday for BiSH. First they dropped an  MV for “CAN WE STiLL BE??”, the opening track off their recent album, GOiNG TO DESTRUCTiON

They followed this announcement with the welcome news that Aina the End, Cent Chihiro Chittiii and Hashiyasume Atsuko had completed their quarantine periods following their recent COVID diagnoses and would all be resuming activities again .  

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The 50 Greatest Alternative Idol Albums of the Last Decade: #1 – 10

Here it is!! The final top ten in our countdown of the 50 Greatest Albums of the last decade. Be sure to let us know the albums you feel we were criminally negligent to exclude, and the punishment you think we deserve. We are collecting your feedback for our follow-up article: “Albums We are Awful for Leaving Off the Greatest Albums List”.

While we know that our imperfect process (and questionable taste) has overlooked some stellar albums and deserving units, we hope that you have still found the exploration worthwhile. I know I have enjoyed revisiting some classic albums that I haven’t listened to in years and even discovered a few new favorites. We may try the exercise again, perhaps with the “50 Greatest MVs”. If we do, we’ll find a way to incorporate community participation in the selection next time.

Without further ado:

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BABYMETAL Going on Hiatus Maybe

Anyone who has followed BABYMETAL for more than one minute knows that the one thing they love more than coming up with crazy new merch is posting cryptic tweets. Yesterday, they dropped a doozy:

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The 50 Greatest Alternative Idol Albums of the Last Decade: #11 – 20

We have reached the second-to-last week of our Top 50 countdown featuring the albums that placed 11 – 20 plus one honorable mention that didn’t quite make the final list of 50.

“Why the honorable mentions?”, no one asked, “Why not just make it a top 55 or 60?”

There are a few reasons such as we had to draw a line somewhere, and also because we wanted to respect our quasi-democratic process. The primary reason though is because, when we first took a look at the final top 50, we were surprised by a few things that weren’t there. This week’s honorable mention is a prime case in point:

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