Weekend Livestream Spotlight: BURST GIRL, NECRONOMIDOL & Gynou Fest

Since we launched The Calendar, the weekly livestream post got discontinued, but I thought there were a few events worth bringing folks attention to now that these notices are no longer hitting the front page.  As always, all dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST) unless noted (Convert to your time here).

Kick the weekend off with a free live on YouTube by funk-and-groove flavored Nagoya standouts, FAREWELL MY, L.u.v.

BURST GIRL Continue the “BURST BIG BANG” tour to promote their Story EP. This installment sees them teaming up with DAI DAI DAI, Story collaborators THE STARBEMS and others. Streaming tickets are ¥1,800 via ZAIKO.

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MERRY BAD END to Headline International Livestream Event: Digital Scene 4.0

MERRY BAD END has been invited to perform as the featured artist in the latest installment of streaming music and arts event, Digital Scene

Digital Scene is the brainchild of Baltimore-based OTS Productions and Montgomery Drive. As they describe it: “The concept behind Digital Scene is to bring people together by virtual collaboration from around the world. We strive to present different experiences with each edition of the series.” Version 4.0 featuring MERRY BAD END will be streaming on Twitch TV next Friday, July 24th at 8:00 pm EST (9:00 am JST).   Continue reading


Sheer Madness: NECRONOMIDOL Graduation Turns Into All-Star Reunion

My apologies for the lateness of this article, but I am still picking up the pieces of my shattered mind.

There was nothing to prepare us back in March when Rei, Michelle and Okaki, the last remaining original member of NECRONOMIDOL, announced their departure from the group. Just as there was nothing to prepare us for the blight that has since afflicted the entire world, driving us into our homes, delaying the three members’ graduation show and, meanwhile, wholly transforming the way idol lives are both performed and delivered. 

This past Saturday night, Rei Imaizumi, Kakizaki Rizaki and Michelle were finally able to hold their long-delayed graduation live to both an in-person and streaming audience. 

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ONLINE YATSUI FESTIVAL! Will Fill Your Weekend with Idol Livestreams

For the last eight years, Yatsui Festival served as an annual mix of idols, bands, comedians and DJs that performed over the course of two days in live houses across Shibuya. After the 2020 Yatsui Fes was cancelled due to stupid coronavirus, the festival has morphed into a FREE online event to be delivered across multiple platforms this Saturday and Sunday (JST).

Homicidols’ favorites contributing livestreamed performances include:

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Introducing Your Homicidols Event Calendar

In addition to the new Artists page, we have also launched a new feature that will be taking the place of the weekly livestream timetable. The new Homicidols Event Calendar will feature both livestream events and in-person lives that don’t require traveling all the way to Japan.  It will be accessible anytime from “The Calendar” link on the site menu above.

As always, if you notice an event missing from the schedule, feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter (@daemetal).


Introducing the Homicidols Artist Archive

Since Maniac launched this blog back in late 2015, over 4,000 articles covering more than 200 idols and units have been published here at Homicidols.com.  As the result of a bit of spring cleaning, the majority of them have now been organized, alphabetically by artist, on one convienient page. This archive is now accessible from THE ARTISTS link in the main menu above. Happy browsing!


Song of the Summer Nominations, 2020

Every year, enduring songs emerge that collectively define the summer months. They are the infectious tunes that serve as the backing music for the few brief months between school years, or the soundtrack of unforgettable vacations. Summer is often a transitional time of new experiences and transformation. The accompanying music will later inspire nostalgia for a specific point in time when everything changed.

On the verge of an unprecedented summer time, more than ever, we have no idea what the season may bring. Team Homicidols is here to help eliminate the uncertainty in one area at least: filling out your summer playlist.

Homicidols Nominations for Song of the Summer, 2020

Boys Be Anarchy, Nani’n’Nerun?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #186

2020 decided that we needed some civil unrest on top of our pandemic and the global music industry reponded with #theshowmustbepaused. The effects seemed to trickle down even into the chika idol world. There seemed to be fewer releases this week than normal, but the roster of livestream performances this weekend is still pretty robust.  Either way, we’ve survived another crap week in 2020 so here’s your truncated weekender, curfew-with-your-quarantine edition.

BURST GIRL with a cautionary tale about raising the dead.

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Your Weekly Livestream Timetable No.7

I wanted to post the livestream schedule a little early this week so people can plan ahead a bit. I don’t want folks in North America to wake up Friday morning just to realize that the Friday night debut of NECROMA’s new line-up is already over. I will be adding any new annoucements I see between now and the weekend so check back for updates.

I also want to send out a special thanks to those people who have DM’ed me on Twitter (@daemetal) to let me know I’ve overlooked something.  It really is a big help. THANK YOU!!

Livestream Timetable

Updated: June 6th

PLEASE NOTE: All dates and times listed are Japan Standard Time (JST) except where noted. Convert to your time here.

Thursday, June 4th (JST)

18:30 – INUWAHSI / BUgg / Malcolm Mask McLarencore music ONLINE LIVE 

Friday, June 5th (JST)

19:00 – First Summer UikaBirthday Party


20:00 – NECRONOMIDOL『NECRONOMIDOL resurrection │ blood 』

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NECRONOMIDOL’s New Members Debut in “TUPILAQ” MV

The new members of a resurrected NECRONOMIDOL make their first appearance in “TULIPAQ”, an MV released on the virtual eve of their no-audience livestream debut.

Sole surviving NECROMA member Himari is discovered by new disciples Shiki, Nana, and Roa who instruct her in the crafting of a tupilaq: a vengeful monster created by witchcraft, given life by ritualistic chants and then set loose into the sea to seek and destroy an enemy (thanks Wikipedia!).  Continue reading