Your Homicidols Weekender #387

I have family visiting, so I don’t have as much time as usual to devote to the Weekender. I’m going to keep the preamble short and apologize in advance if I miss anything. I mean, you all are my family too in a way, but if you disown me I’m not at risk of the loss of an inheritance, so without further ado:

More details of Isiliel’s US summer tour dates are rolling out. Tickets are on sale for the New Jersey show as well.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #386

When compared to the craziness of last week where we saw an avalanche of April Fools Day projects and a dump truck’s worth of new releases to kick off the new fiscal year, barely anything happened over the past seven days.

Not that nothing is going on. In a major milestone, ATARASHII GAKKO!, our quirky, dance obsessed, new school leaders who used to play URBANGARDE’s annual Depression Fest, are performing at Coachella this weekend.  You can witness their accomplishment live on YouTube tomorrow.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #385

Welcome to the Homicidols weekly recap, with a quick caveat: this version of the weekly round-up is devoid of any idol shenanigans that took place on Monday. Check out our April Fools Day round-up for all of that craziness.  

April 1 is not just April Fools Day,  it is also the first day of the Japanese fiscal year. The impact this has on the music industry is that a ton of new songs get released on either March 31 or April 1 depending on how management’s accountants want things to hit the books. Regardless of the opinions of actuaries, the overall impact that matters is that the Japanses fiscal yer roll produces a veritable flood of new music, and this year was no different.  

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The Greatest Alt-Idol Drops and Breakdowns of All Time

It has been a a few weeks since we asked members of the Homicidols community to identify their favorite choruses, drops and hooks in the genre of alternative idol. We published the nominations for Best Alt-Idol Choruses a short while ago, and now it’s time for the breakdowns!

For the exercise, we defined the category of drop or breakdown pretty loosely, with the primary requirement being that the element marks a sudden change in the dynamics of the song. The submitted entries essentially fall into two different categories:

The first are examples of the hardcore breakdown, where a tune takes a ruthless drop into harsh vocal or screaming metal territory. In idol terms, these are brutal examples of where the gap is bridged, the kawaii slams into the kakkoii, and the sugar and spice gang up and punch you in face. 

The second category are songs that are completely devoid of harsh vocals or metal elements, but accomplish startling breakdowns via sudden and distinct shifts in tempo, tone, and genre.

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The Homicidols April Fools Day Round-Up 2024

Idol April Fools Day (aka Fox Day) is one of the biggest holidays on the idol calendar, up there with Idol Halloween and Idol X-Mas.  The amount of time, energy, and commitment that idols devote to their April Fools day pranks each year is always impressive. However, it can be difficult at times to tell an April Fools Day stunt from normal, everyday, Japanese idol insanity. For example, it may seem that, at first glance, this is a well executed comedic sketch by yosugala, except that salted fish roe sac, cherry blossom, and shrimp pizza is an actual real thing that people will apparently pay money for. Luckily, Homicidols is here to guide the unwary or overwhelmed idol fan through the events of April first and help sort fact from jesterly fiction.

Here are some of the best April Fools Day pranks that our favorite idols pulled off this year: 

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Your Homicidols Weekender #384

Like many of you, I spent this past week living vicariously through Oomfs  attending WACK in the UK 2: Electric Boogaloo featuring ASP, GANG PARADE, and KiSS KiSS. This time, the opportunities for cheki were plentiful and an excellent time appears to have been had by all. 

At the end of the festivities it was announced that, this coming August 28th, London will be host to WACK in the UK 3: This Time it’s Personal.  In the third iteration, ASP will again be making an appearance alongside MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN TONAi BOUSHO (a.k.a. MONSTERIDOL), and the long, long, long, long, long, long awaited Western debut of BiS.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #383

After last week’s bombshell news of MIGMA SHELTER’s imminent disbandment, we could use a week with a little less of that kind of excitement. For once, the idol kami took mercy and (mostly) blessed us with good news this week:

Yurapico and GARUDA are hitting the road together for a European tour in June.

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Your Homicidols Weekender #382

It was a roller-coaster week in alt-idol. The biggest and most impactful event of the past few days was the announcement that MIGMA SHELTER, one of our most beloved units and winner of ten Homicidols Best of the Year awards,  would be suspending all activities on June 2nd. But before you drown in the melancholy details of that impending departure down in the Oshiloss Corner, bolster your emotional fortitude with the knowledge that good things also happened this week! For example:

Isiliel announced her US tour dates!

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Your Homicidols Weekender #381

Happy weekend from Homicidols! In case you didn’t catch it, we have released the first chapter in our latest community project, so check out the Best Choruses in Alt-Idol as chosen by you and your fellow wota. But we aren’t the only ones who have been productive over the last several days:

CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL has had a very active week in the Philippines showing off their new costumes.

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The Greatest Alternative Idol Choruses of All Time

Welcome to the first installment of our latest community project seeking to identify the top choruses, drops, breakdowns and hooks in alternative, indie, and underground idol. 

Here in chapter one, we are exploring the best choruses as identified by you, the readers of Homicidols dot com and, I must say, you all got great taste. It took forever to compile this post as these are some of the catchiest and most addictive tunes in idol. They can’t just be listened to once. Each entry took about five minutes to write and then two hours of bingeing the song over and over again.  These aren’t just phenomenal choruses. These are some of the best songs by some of the best artists in the genre.

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