Your Homicidols Weekender #119

Good morning, friends! Please join me in calling back at this past week with mockery and derision, for it was dumb and sucked. I’m not even talking about idol! Ol’ Maniac had the usual load of crap to deal with, and got to pair it with intense personal loss that just reaffirmed that loving anything is pointless and stupid and you should never do it! Boo to things!

I’m letting idol off the hook, either. Idol was boring this week. I get that this is usually the time of year when it does, in fact, suck quite a bit; I also get that I could have really used a new thing or two from personal favorites, for even if there’s not much time to blog posts about them, there’s still a lot of emotional pick-me-up, you know? And what did I get?

So cut me some slack. This is another not-great Weekender, as I hadn’t the energy to try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. There’s still good stuff, and of course there’s always the Fun, which is a good and challenging one. Now get to it.

Never Love

Twenty-four hours with EMPiRE sounds like a bit much, but still:

This new group followed me the other day in a clear ploy to pick up new followers. It worked!

Who the hell are these gringos kicking off the special edition of NECRONOMIDOL vs. BURST GIRL!

It really is a great value:

Nbd, just Emily ripping the shit out of Suicide Silence:

I won’t pretend to know what the hell’s happening here with APOKALIPPPS:

There’s so much that I love in this photo of JoanJoan and the mishmash:

We don’t deserve Himari and FLAME singing Togawa Jun together:

Nothing in this world makes me happier than

RIP Nemu

Reminder: It’s not too late to crowdfund the crap out of Minna no Kodomo-chan:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is DAIDAIDAI who alas only do full post-worthy stuff like twice a year but are as good and consistent and unique and cool and as anybody in the business, and just so happen to be emerging as real champions of the Osaka chika scene, objectively the greatest and loudest of them all. I wanted them here for two reasons.

One: They just had their first Tokyo one-man, and may it be merely the first (and smallest) of many.

Two: They totally got me hype for some kind of cool release, only for the announcement to just be a tour that feels a little bit like a WACK dig.

That’s all whatever; somebody get me this disk, and we’ll be friends forever:

I love this Shihatsumachi Underground song, but it lacks teeth:

DESURABBITS seems to be the new styling in this making-of:

This live cut of BILLIE IDLE kicks monuments of ass:

In case you wanted to catch the final THERE THERE THERES gig with You’ll Melt More!:

KINGRAGE is as much a staple of the Weekender as anybody ever, and so here’s like all of their live from last weekend:

A match made in Maniac heaven:

Yeah, BiSH can still bring it:

I either missed that DEVIL NO ID did this, or they sneak-released it on me, as it’s way late at this point:

Good to see that Ichiho is getting the most out of her studio time:

Have a great weekend!