Let’s Get Acquainted with Chiaki Mayumura

Well, gang, time to dust off the ol’ There Are More Idols Than Stars in the Summer Sky list again and reach for an otherwise unexplored artist who you find yourself enjoying. Or, in this case, an idol that somebody else enjoyed and shared!

A little while back, Krv alerted me to a clip of a total idol weirdo running around a public space in Tokyo, barefoot, playing Duck Duck Goose with a group of happy wota. It was indisputably idol. And we had a brief conversation about that idol! Who she was, what she did, things like that. I liked it enough to include some of her in the Weekender.

Now, I dig on idol, in general as well as specifically. However, when it comes to this project, it’s not enough to just be idol, or to do certain idol things. No, an idol must also do cool and interesting musical things. And did this new idol in my life do so? She sure did!

My favorite

That’s Chiaki Mayumura (Twitter), as the title would imply and as she apparently prefers. No problem! When you get picked up by Toy’s Factory, you can apparently be called however you want. And hey, that’s what happened to Chiaki! She has an album coming out in January, in fact. Good for her.

Now, moving on to a major label isn’t necessarily the death knell of chika activities. For one, the spiritual equivalent of this; for two, I think she has too many friends in scene, and too many touchpoints, like this one with fellow Weekender alum LiLii Kaona:

What makes Chiaki super stand out, though, is her diabolical weirdo personality, which is an easy thing for solo idols to manifest due to the up-close-and-personal nature of their wota relationships:

Is there more to learn? Of course there is! Maybe Krv can help you with that.

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