Withdrawn Wednesday #2

The past fortnight has been a little quiet for lost oshis. But what did you expect? They’ve graduated! Still, here’s some highlights we’ve collected the past couple of weeks of our biweekly “Remember ____? This is them now ft. Tentenko” segment. Remember, if you discover a former idol doing things elsewhere, let us know, and we’ll feature them in the next edition of Withdrawn Wednesday!

Your Lost Oshi: Where Are They Now?

Did you know ex-Migma Shelter Seisei has a photobook? I sure didn’t! You can buy it here!

Speaking of Aqbi alumni, ex-TTTs Karen seems to be working in a maid cafe now. Good for her!

(Thanks Andrew for informing us of these first two!)

Should we be concerned that the first pic of Colomo we see in a long time she’s covered in blood?


Tentenko probably has a bigger discography than Frank Zappa at this point.

Ex-LONDON BLUE Rinka is a real cutie.

Kotao has a joint art exhibit with her mum coming up

PASSPO’s Mio has a band!

Almost as if she overheard my thoughts of “maybe the real reason Sari quit Necroma because she got sick of wearing shironuri all the time”, our girl is back at it again

Site-favourite Penguin who now goes by the name of Con is also extremely talented at makeup. Be still my heart!


And she recently acquired a guitar, which is very promising for us.