There Will Somehow Always Be More REGiNA KiSS Video for Us

My goodness, will REGiNA KiSS ever run out of songs to MV from the iDOL SHREDDER album? Survey says “not today!” It’s wild — I haven’t even posted every single one of them, and it seems like an an absolutely exhaustive months-long run of stuff. Where do they even get the cash to do it? I can relate, actually, because I also went through a good chunk of time spending every dollar as it came in and then treating myself to even more indulgence any time there was a hint of surplus. I call that time the Aughts!

You aren’t here for reminisces on my profligacy, though. You’re here for this!

So yeah, I had to watch that a few times to understand exactly what was going on, and I feel like I’m still missing nuance or something. It’s not exactly subtle! And maybe the most visually arresting take that they’ve put together over this run? Frankly, I don’t recall, so I recommend a quick spin through their YouTube channel over the past … like six months? to decide for yourself. And along the way, if I somehow haven’t yet convinced you, you’ll come to realize that REGiNA KiSS is the kind of idol+band unit that really does get it right, and that the whole team’s commitment to their shared project is really inspiring.

And when that happens, friend, I require that you tell the person next to you about them. And if that person doesn’t look at you like you just grew another head and/or doesn’t go running off screaming for the police, you’ll have just made another new fan for them!